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How to teach the child to be on friendly terms?

Ya mother of three kids of two, three and six years. My question will also concern six-year-old Valera. Next year to it to go to school. He is already able to read, consider and write with printing letters, goes to chess section. In the yard it remarkably plays with peers and children is younger. But he never was long in children`s collective, disturbs me how its relations with schoolmates will be under construction? There were thoughts even to give it in a garden in preparatory group, but there are no places. How to help Valera how to prepare him? I in confusion. can allocate to

In your question at least two components: it is your alarm concerning future relationship of the eldest son with schoolmates and a probable possibility that actually the problem can appear. It is important to understand what at the moment is a big source of discomfort, to understand as far as the alarm is justified whether there are prerequisites of the fact that it will be difficult to boy to build relationship. For this purpose it is necessary to observe how Valera communicates with children on the platform. Whether children reach for it; he is able to organize game or to join organically in already existing; whether he is capable to submit to the rules which are thought up by someone another; whether can compose consistent rules.

It is possible to involve various experts in supervision over the child, since interested - the father, and finishing not interested - mothers of other children on the platform. It is possible to share the fears with them and to listen to their reasons. Most likely there will be something like spontaneous psychotherapy during such communication. However here it is important to choose the quiet, reliable and judicious interlocutor.

If supervision over Valera shows that it perfectly developed communicative skills, perhaps, it is worth thinking of reception of sedatives. It is important as Valera can be sensitive to your state and to catch disturbing relation to school.

Yes, the child who was not attending kindergarten can have a problem of development of friendly and friendly relations with peers. Such children, as a rule, freely communicate with adults, and in children`s collective feel alone and uncertainly. However Valera not the only child in a family, he the senior from three, is in children`s collectives, is able to get on with peers and kids.

Therefore, one may say, that Valera owns ability to establish the benevolent relations is the quality helping to learn the world it is comfortable in it to feel, develop. The question is here in whether the boy is capable to maintain such relations a long time.

Friendship of preschool children - a peculiar phenomenon. It quickly arises, but also can quickly disappear. For certain, there were such situations when Valera pleased you with the message that it had a new friend. But on a question: how call the new friend? - the boy finds it difficult to answer. It is absolutely quite good when the child easily and quickly gets new acquaintances. But whether the child will learn to translate acquaintance in the friendly relations, in many respects depends on parents. The friendship should be learned too: to choose friends, to protect, appreciate, understand them, to help of

Kindergarten children satisfy need for communication for group. The children who are not attending kindergarten can count only on the relatives here. Invite children to yourself to play, watch animated films, to read the interesting book that the child spent among peers more time.

Talking to the child about friendship, it is possible to discuss children`s proverbs: Tell me who your friend, and I will tell who you are Look for the Friend, and found - protect word meaning of the known children`s song Without friends me slightly - slightly, with friends - there is a lot of . Reading fairy tales we find the mass of examples of friendship of fantastic heroes. Whether good friend Buratino, Carlson, Dunno, Chipollino? It is obligatory to listen attentively to the answer of the child to this question. Arguments will help you to understand better ideas of your child of friendship.

Not unimportant value has a personal example of parents: as often in the house there are guests as far as parents are open for communication with own friends whether is in general at a family in general friends as adults speak of the friends. The child as a sponge, absorbs models of the parental relations.

Thus, it is not obligatory the child who is not attending kindergarten at all will have difficulties with adaptation to school children`s collective.