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What is necessary to make a one-day trip by bicycle and what it gives?

the life Rhythm now very high, faces us many important, necessary tasks. Stop! Of course all this is necessary, but there are things which it is even more important. It is harmony with itself when there are you and your favourite business; you know that you everything that is conceived, will make itself, it will involve costs of forces from you and in too time will give feeling of size of the opportunities... And when it came true, there comes harmony. When having passed many kilometers by bicycle, you come back home, you feel inflow of a spiritual, creative power, many things become simpler and clear, there comes that harmony.

Probably, many of those who in this way traveled felt salutary changes in themselves. And there are those who in the future, perhaps, will want to try the hand in this occupation, new to themselves. Well, I will only be glad if my brief experience in this case is useful to you! Let`s begin with motivation, with desire, without it even to you it is not necessary and to buy the bicycle!


Ya since the childhood liked to ride the bicycle and still warm memories of trips on rural paths and roads of the Vladimir region are kept in memory contain with parents, about walks on Izmaylovsky park. Remember what pleasant moments are connected at you with bicycle, just try to get on it and to sweep on sidewalks, parks...

If to you is pleasant to ride, but you think of long distances, then the only thing that can stop you - disbelief in harmony, you think that the travel purpose - travel and you, having become exhausted, come home, fill up also all? Perhaps, next day you will forget about this travel and only muscle pain will remind you of it... But I do not trust in it!

If you not against sweeps, but do not believe that you will be able (will manage) to return back, think, you will lack forces, then not everything is lost! Read further!

the Bicycle I Will tell


honestly that I can describe much better feelings which I have when driving on the two-wheeled friend, than his technical characteristics. The main thing that the bicycle was as it should be. And then feelings from driving will be exclusively pleasant. I go by a usual Stealth, without speeds. When you rise in a hill, happens hard, but what sense of relief you feel when you go down from it! And we will not forget that we live on Great East European Plain (the truth inhabitants of Tyoply Stan can not know about it).

Closing a subject of speeds, it is necessary to add that the mechanism of switching of speeds - very difficult mechanism (by the standards of the bicycle) which reduces reliability of the bicycle in general. But if high speed is necessary for you and you live in the hilly district then, of course, not to do without speeds!

Sensors various is sense to install on medical exercise machines and if you drive on the highway, learned weather in advance, feel the physical state is good, and having come home, according to the card will calculate the distance in kilometers, then why to you these sensors?!

Is much more important to have or a special cycle backpack which is established over a back wheel of the bicycle (if you leave for several days, or decided to arrange a feast in the wood), either one or two special cycle baskets which easily are established over forward and back wheels. Personally one such basket over a forward wheel quite is enough for me, thus, I control things which lie in a basket and they cannot incidentally drop out of the bicycle.

Costs also will take care of fastening for the pump on a frame and also of forward and back lighting lamps, do not hope only for light reflectors.

If you often ride among people, then the bicycle call warning them about your sudden emergence from the back is necessary!

Yes, and without emergency brake in front of the traffic light to you it will be not really comfortable!


is a little about weak places of the bicycle Now...

In - the first, do not forget to tighten up any small bolts fixing to a frame auxiliary designs and be all the same ready that on the bumpy road some of them there will be an unpleasant knock. That it did not happen, take with yourself spare bolts or a simple rope is (thinner and stronger). Grease with

more often moving parts of the bicycle, it will not be worse. Safely change old bearings, worn-out chains, they can bring you at the most inappropriate moment!

A most important is reliability of a back wheel! Let`s begin with a chamber. Both to nedokachivat Ravnoopasno, and to pump over it, it is necessary to put on a chamber with the tire a rim carefully, without touching metal parts, without overwinding a chamber. The tire has too property to be deformed over time that can cause also a rupture of a chamber so do not think that the tire is forever! The wheel rim only at first sight seems durable, once several spokes burst from overloads, this process gains cascade character and soon, the thin-walled aluminum rim literally bends in hands, and under load of the person sitting by bicycle is deformed so strongly that makes further driving just impossible.


And now a short rating of frequency of the arising considerable troubles from personal experience...

of 1. The chamber of a back wheel burst. Unpredictable process, happens often. Sometimes the tire which was deformed was guilty of it and the part of a chamber went beyond the tire, sometimes I suspected that the bought batch of cameras not absolutely qualitative. Well and of course, time plays a large role, all - the chamber is the least durable detail of the bicycle.

This malfunction is eliminated with replacement of a chamber or gluing of patches with special cream. In the presence with itself a spare chamber, the problem is rather easily fixed on the place.

in the absence of a spare chamber is possible will sweep also without it, but through 10 - 20 km from a wheel already nothing will remain!

of 2. Curve wheel. As it is already told above, from overloads spokes burst and there is a weakening of a wheel. Sometimes the rim bends from blow, falling, sharp turns... Even the stones scattered on the road and those seek to bend a rim. That it remained direct longer, it is necessary to establish initially a wheel exactly, but not so that it was at an angle to the bicycle.

in the course of driving you are not lazy to glance sometimes at rotation of a wheel if at rotation the beating in several millimeters is observed - it is already dangerous symptom which will lead to inadmissible deformation sooner or later. The author happened to face this very unpleasant phenomenon more than once. Therefore, remember: with a curve wheel you do not go to a distant campaign even if you are waited by the charming girl... eventually, there are electric trains and buses!

This malfunction, unlike the burst chamber, is not eliminated with other method, except as forge! Therefore if you were comprehended by such problem, look for the next zheleznodorozhna station or stamp on foot to the house or the next subway if that is available...

By the way, about the subway. A lot of things depend on a human factor, on the principles of the controller sitting about automatic machines. Your chances to take place in the subway will increase if you remove wheels and... no, no, it is not necessary to give them to the controller! Just connect them by a rope, take in one hand the bicycle, in another - a linking of wheels - and forward, on station!

of 3. The burst chain. the Reason - shock loadings, bends. Last year this problem most often bothered the author.

Breakage of a chain can eliminate in the way zament of the broken elements on efficient by means of the special tool which is on sale in many sports shops. As well as replacement of a chamber, restoration of a chain can be carried out in field conditions, however it is necessary to do it very attentively as in a chain there are elements entering each other with a tightness and having separated them, it will be almost impossible to reunite again. However, everything in life needs to be done attentively! Also it is necessary to go smoothly, without sharp blows legs on pedals, without freestyle around pools by asphalt too...

By the way, it is possible to go and without chain that will not affect the bicycle in any way. If before you descent, you saddle safely (if the emergency brake is). If you on an equal site are also near a border, then it is possible to make a start from it one leg and you will have a speed as at a scooter - the beginner, but much quicker, than on foot!

What take to take the pump in the road

From spare parts and technical devices surely, is better foot with pressure indicator (the truth, he figures prominently); a spare chamber, the device for assembly - dismantling of a chain with spare elements of a chain or a new chain, spare bearings; tool kit: wrenches, screw-drivers, hammer, pincers; fine spare details, a thin and strong rope with a knife or scissors. With such set to you any breakage, except a bent wheel will not be terrible... This set at me usually was located in one basket.

From clothes can take a few things in case you will be soiled or get wet in the rain. If promise a rain, be not too lazy to take with yourself an easy polyethylene raincoat.

As for the food, then that is called tastes differ! I quite had the apples taken from the house, sandwiches (which, however, during a heat not really there is a wish), water from pure wells or roadside shops, and also drinking yogurts which, fortunately, are on sale everywhere. Load all this in a basket, but surely take a small backpack on a back, it is useful!

Well, here actually and everything that is necessary for one-day travel on roads of the area by bicycle. Well still the card capture, there, the navigator some. Ahead you have kilometers of smooth asphalt, a full freedom of choice, pleasant uncertainty! Rises and descents, fatigue, second and third wind, way home and... harmony!

P. S. If my article interests you and will even inspire on new fulfillments, then with pleasure, I will continue this subject in the following article!