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Leonid Engibarov`s phenomenon. What the clown longed for?

do not offend the person

In vain, just like that it is not necessary to offend the person. Because it is very dangerous. And suddenly he is Mozart? Besides not in time to write nothing, even " yet; Turkish march . You will offend him - he will write nothing at all. Will not write one, then another, and less fine music will exist, it is less than pure feelings and thoughts, so, and less good people.

Of course, other can and be offended, not each person - Mozart, and still it is not necessary, and suddenly

do not offend the person, it is not necessary.

you same, as it. Protect

each other, people!

The one who at least once saw the author of this fine miniature in a circus ring or on a platform remembered it well. It is about the famous clown Leonid Engibarov (1935 - 1972). In March of this year to it 74 years would be executed. And he lived exactly twice less.

Light talent

Some surprising magic is covered with

in the most this name - Leonid Engibarov. You call it - and at interlocutors persons brighten, grow warm eyes, smiles blossom.

For the first time I saw it still the boy, in Tbilisi, - the director and the artistic director of the Yerevan circus Sos Petrosyan tells. - And then the destiny developed so that I happened to work together with it, to travel about on all Union. I am proud of the fact that was his pupil. By the way, the performance devoted 50 - to Engibarov`s anniversary " became my first statement when me in 1985 - m appointed the artistic director of the restored Armenian circus collective;.

Leonid Engibarov is so gifted is already organic for circus that it already constitutes danger to other turns of the programme - with subtle irony inherent in it the famous writer Victor Ardov stated in due time. Really, unlike most of clowns of that time who amused the audience by means of a standard set of tricks and hokhm Engibarov went absolutely in other way and, probably, for the first time began to create a poetic clownery in a circus ring. Its reprises did not set as the main objective to squeeze out as much as possible laughter of the viewer, and forced to think, reflect.

Ungrateful business - to describe Engibarov`s miniatures. It is necessary to see them. For example, the reprise which had enormous success " Coils; where the clown serially climbs up the board put on two, three, four, five cylinders laid perpendicularly each other, and keeps balance. Trick in itself the most difficult. But Engibarov would not be Engibarov if represented just the acrobat - a smekhach. He at the same time also played a certain personality, and skillfully expressed the attitude towards her. The self-confident, haughty clown decides to award himself for conquest of obstacles - I am the best! Will climb up one cylinder - one medal will grant himself, on two - still a couple and so on. As a result at it and a breast all in medals, and the back moreover and gets the whole lots from a hat. The rumor saw in this number (we will remind - it is about the end of 1960 - x) a transparent hint on the secretary general Brezhnev of that time who had an everything the expanding soft corner in the heart for awards and honors. And, when number suddenly disappeared from the program, a surprise it did not become.

Similar tricks, of course, did not delight high-ranking heads of the Soviet circus art. And they did everything possible to bridle the upstart. And Engibarov still did something special, steeped in work, thought out new numbers, acted in a pantomime, wrote short stories and scenarios, acted in at film. And here too won recognition. Not incidentally it as the writer was highly appreciated by Vasily Shukshin. And the film director Sergey Paradzhanov used to say that Engibarov was the only irreplaceable actor during shootings of his picture Shadows of the forgotten ancestors . Then Leonid acted in several movies - Aybolit - 66 Ovens - shops The Necklace for my darling . Before there was a leading role in the autobiographical film narration The Way on the " arena; and earlier, in student`s years - epizodik in Yuli Rayzman`s movie Communist . (In search of impressive performers for roles of enemies of the Soviet power the assistant Rayzmana glanced also in GUTsEI. The dean recommended: Remove Engibarov, he is the real bandit ) .

Remarkable fact: both in literature, and at cinema he remained is faithful to the beginning in which he deeply trusted and which realized in circus and a pantomime: the laughter and tears accompany the person all his life, and one is just impossible without another. Not incidentally grateful audience christened its the clown with a fall in heart . And the fall is not only sad time and and eyes charm . And, as Engibarov spoke, only the one who is not really clever is constantly cheerful.

minutes of rest

As a rule, the clown fills with the reprises pauses between speeches of other actors, - S. Petrosyan says. - At Engibarov was on the contrary: we filled intervals between its miniatures. Really unique phenomenon. The audience those years went to circus specially on Engibarov and we sincerely were proud of it. I remember, in 1969 in the Moscow circus in Tsvetnoy Boulevard there was in general a unique representation: in the program, except Engibarov, there were only four actors! You represent what is loading?

To tell that in Armenia Engibarov enjoyed enormous popularity, - means, to tell nothing. Here all loved it, were proud of the fact that such talent works in Armyansk circus collective. He became literally an idol. Engibarov attentively got acquainted with the historical homeland, greedy absorbed impressions, new to it. Very much regretted that does not know Armenian: father, Georgy Engibarov, chef Moscow Metropol spoke in own way only with guests from Armenia. Also sat down for textbooks. Which - that acquired. In any case, subsequently half in jest noted that learned to speak in love, to swear and to hardly read reviews of the performances in the Armenian newspapers .

The unique originality of the Armenian national culture made big impact on Engibarov`s creativity. In a manner of his hero hyphens of the brisk boy from the Yerevan streets appeared. And this image organically was entered in the program of the Armenian circus. It is possible to tell more: if all the behavior on an arena Leonid was not perceived by the audience as their fellow countryman, he would hardly achieve so enthusiastic reception and universal recognition.

Yerevan played an important role and in Engibarov`s formation as mime. The creative group was quickly created, and actors began to work. The program with success went also till 1971 when Engibarov still worked in Soyuzgostsirke and later, when it had to leave from there and it completely switched to a pantomime. It gave on three - four concerts a day, - one of the actor`s partners in the well-known author`s performance " remembers; Star rain composer Martin Vartazaryan. - At the end of each performance was squeezed out as a lemon. What heart could sustain such mad rhythm - I do not know

And on a palm - the globe

eventually heart did not sustain

I. There was it in the summer 1972 which in Moscow and Moscow area was given extremely suffocating and hot - peat bogs burned, pavements melted from a heat

They say that Engibarov sometimes spoke so: If I die, then as Pushkin - in 37 years . Then it will be called a presentiment. Vladimir Vysotsky wrote the shrill poem " to memory of the actor; To Engibarov from the audience :

This thief, from knees having cut off fetters,

did not steal horses At night.

Died the clown. He stole minutes -

Sad minutes from people.

Vysotsky endured the mime for eight years, and left in the same day: July 25. Mysticism?.

At every time - the heroes. However there are sizes in which all equal. And so, it is considered that if the Armenian music is known in the world according to Aram Khachaturian, the Armenian painting - according to Martiros Saryan, then the Armenian circus and a pantomime - according to Leonid Engibarov. At least for this reason it is worthy bigger attention today. For now in the capital of Armenia there is even no street bearing his name...

I could not live In your world, and in mine I absolutely alone

it is difficult for h2 to imagine Leonid Engibarov`s

elderly. The same as, for example, it is impossible to imagine Marilyn Monroe of a retirement age or old Zbigniew Tsybulsky. Lenya forever remained a boy - the fidget, the subversive of hardened traditions whose image became history of world circus and a pantomime as sign. Though, perhaps, tight trousers with one strap, the thoughtless T-shirt and a colorful scarf did not become the same archetypes of masses - cultures as a kettle and Charlie Chaplin`s cane, a shabby poncho of Clint Eastwood or the same Monro`s skirt rising over an air shaft. However the importance of his enormous and versatile talent becomes even more obvious over time. And all - Leonid Engibarov`s phenomenon is still not solved up to the end. And, apparently, it did not do anything special. Simply our grief was undertaken by him ...

Years fifteen bronze Engibarov welcome guests at an entrance to the Yerevan circus. There is one more sculptural potrtt the actor - on his grave on the Vagankovo Cemetery in Moscow. There the clown costs under an umbrella. And an umbrella - not continuous, and with cuts. Probably, not to be protected from a rain, and to pass the sun