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And you on whose party in to war with Caps Lock?

On open spaces of the Global Network real war - runs high of The CAPSoff campaign : the group of revolutionary users passionately wishes to kill Caps Lock key . Web pestret frightening headings: Programmer wants to kill Caps - Lock Time to kill off Caps Lock? It`s a campaign Death to Caps Lock THE WAR AGAINST THE CAPS LOCK KEY IS ON Caps Lock must die .

And everything began in Sweden in 2001 when under the direction of Linus McCabe - the founder of anticapslock. com / - started campaign under the name anticAPSLOCK which ultimate goal - to clean Caps Lock from future keyboards .

Recently - already begun was to die away - fire of fight flashed with a new force! The resident of Brussel of Pieter Hintjens, the head of firm of development of the software of iMatix, created for fight against Caps Lock the website - org/. The Caps Lock Button is an ugliness - declares Pieter Hintjens. Of course, to us and without it is what to be engaged, - he recognizes. - But put together millions of small disappointments which are saved up in decades, and you will understand that the Caps Lock key is a sore subject .

Being incidentally pressed, it often conducts to unpleasant mistakes at introduction of the password. Sometimes it is necessary to reprint part of the text which is incidentally typed by capital letters (by the way, in the latests version of Microsoft Word it is possible to correct consequences of incidentally pressed Caps Lock key. For this purpose it is necessary to select the necessary fragment, to open the Format menu - the Register - the Register dialog box - to put the necessary switch: As in offers, all lower case, ALL CAPITAL to Begin With Capital, to CHANGE the REGISTER).

And still this key creates hindrances in an exchange of electronic messages and in news groups: capital letters AGGRESSIVELY influence approximately and create disharmony in correspondence. Many know what to write with capital letters means to SHOUT. From here and motto CAPSoff. org - STOP SHOUTING! ( Stop shouting! ) .

Having declared it ugliness organizers of an action announced a competition on development of design of keyboards of the future, naturally, without ill-fated key. Promise the winner as a prize 1 million dollars - the truth, in " so far; fund of fight against Caps Lock Internet surfers offered only 241 dollars 71 cents (probably, not really there is a lot of opponents at this button).

Everyone who considers that the Caps Lock button is not necessary can leave the signature on the org/competition:new page. To owners of the websites - supporters murders Caps Lock - is offered to establish on the websites the reference to org/, and also a banner.

Various blogs, support groups are created, petitions are written. For example, Aaron Defazio created Petition for the movement of the caps - lock key on modern keyboards which anyone can sign.

But opponents do not doze too: they create the groups and fill up the websites com/and org/spam of offensive contents.

And some store a neutrality and advise to treat the Caps Lock key philosophically: it is necessary to accept the world it what it is, - together with this button. Eventually, everyone makes the choice.

The Caps Lock key does not disturb the author of article, the keyboard with this key is more habitual to me. But if someone wishes to have Klava without above-mentioned key, - why would be not present?! Perhaps, producers of keyboards will be able to please extreme opponents of Caps Lock soon.

All to you kind!