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Young Guard of the United Russia in search of new thoughts of

for anybody not a secret that today in Russia the set of the youth organizations works. Let`s remind that those organizations are:

youth wings of large political parties ( Young Guard of the United Russia (MGER), Union of Communistic Youth (CKM), League of Justice (HP), Youth » Apple; (MYa), Youth Union of Right Forces (MS) and others)

Considerably - the patriotic youth movements ( Ours Russia Young Vanguard of Red Youth (NBP)

national - the extremist youth movements (ultra - right The Movement Against Illegal Immigration (DPNI), ultra - left National - Bolshevik Party (NBP))

Ecological youth movements ( Local Green etc.)

Ecological youth movements (organizations) ( civil change clubs of young businessmen)

Religious youth movements (organizations)) ( School of youth service at the Moscow Patriarchy Orthodox case of ours various youth movements from ROC, etc. faiths, Mormons and other youth sects)

The subcultural youth movements (Gotha, punks, rockers, EMO, skinheads, metalworkers etc.)

Sortivno - the fan youth movements (fan groups, Ultras etc.)

Agree that, looking at this huge list, involuntarily you begin to think of where your place. If to multiply these thoughts by youthful maximalism and the unreasonable energy overflowing each teenager, then it becomes clear that the choice can be dictated not, how many by reason, how many emotions.

We will note that in this case you choose not only between names of this or that organization, but also between a type of its activity. So, if to reflect, then it becomes clear that the youth organizations can pursue either the constructive or destructive aims.

We will note that national - ekstremisky and some considerably - the patriotic organizations pursue destructive aims. These organizations are urged to destroy the existing order, but not to create the benefit within the stable order which is already created by someone in the country.

For example, NBP call the activists for fight against legitimate authority, meanwhile, without giving anything in replacements. It is also destruction without creation. DPNI is directed to fight on a racial sign, but meanwhile she too only fights and creates nothing. AKM under the pretext of fight for the rights of the people, lobbies only the interests. For example, it is rumored that Akmovtsa trade custom meetings in places of sealing building.

If to watch subcultures and the fan movements, then it is possible to say here that for 70% they have destructive functions, and only for 30% constructive, but also that only within the subculture.

So, for example, skinheads, football fans and an antifa are focused on armed struggle with the opponents, and they create nothing positive for people around.

Panic, rockers, metalworkers etc. create only music, expressing a certain social protest, but meanwhile - the fact conduct the hidden, and at times and open promotion of alcohol and drugs. Remember at least their slogan: Sex, drugs, fate - N - a beater .

Gotha and tolkinist just create in the conditions of our world own alternative reality, and no more than that.

EMOS have no pronounced ideology and, are generally focused on sublimation of feeling of pain and self-damage.

Any religious organizations, pursuing allegedly good aims, are anyway interested only in creation of group of fanatically devoted supporters of this or that faith. Agree that the fanaticism a priori cannot be constructive.

Rejecting all listed above youth organizations, we come to a conclusion that treat the constructive organizations only ecological and socially - the political, pursuing, in principle, similar aims.

A difference only that young ecologists, generally struggle with opponents of ecology, but do not create something special. For example, local and green it is easier to take in hand posters with propaganda materials and to go to boycott some oil refinery, than to grow wise, to read a lot of textbooks, to enter the university and to develop model of the alternative hydrogen engine.

Therefore, proceeding from the principle of social constructivism, the only youth public organizations creating the benefit for the Russian society in general are youth wings of political parties.

In more detail to learn about their activity, the correspondent of MGER addressed the member United Russia to the deputy chief of a district staff Young Guard of the United Russia The Western Administrative District on work with the press, the graduate student of MIREA Oleg Mikhalin.

- Oleg, tell, please, what means the term social constructivism .

- Well, social constructivism (CK) - it is the principle of bringing by this or that member of society of the benefit for all members of society. For example, if you take bits and go to smash the market, pretending that you struggle with the enemy - it is not social constructivism as fight already a priori is destruction. And here, if you take in hand the handle and paper for development of the bill of increase in social privileges to pensioners, then it meets the requirements of social constructivism as to a basis of positive development of society.

- It Is Clear, and in what organizations this principle most is shown?

- This principle is shown only in those organizations which except fight, and maybe instead of it create the public benefits.

- Oleg, tell and what public benefits, in your opinion create youth wings of political parties?

- They create a basis for continuity of generations for continuation of harmonious development of society. In other words, they raise change to the present country leaders. And, I will note that they raise change already prepared and trained. Thus, youth wings of political parties through some time will succeed the senior companions, beginning to raise, in turn, new change to themselves.

- That is education of younger generation of new parliamentarians - it is also the main task youth socially - the political organizations?

- It is only one of priority tasks, but not only.

- Oleg, and what else purposes face the youth organizations?

- First of all, the youth has to participate actively in public life and develop socially - significant projects.

- Give to us an example of such projects.

- For example, Moscow office Young Guard of the United Russia this year founded 3 clubs directed to support of social initiatives of youth. I will remind that it socially - political, is national - patriotichemky and innovative clubs which will be engaged in the areas of work with youth, according to the vocational guidance. So socially - the political club will give to young people political and even politological education. It is national - the patriotic club will be directed to realization socially - the significant initiatives directed to maintenance of national consciousness of young people. And the innovative club will introduce the latest developments created by young scientists and experts in the industry.

- Oleg, tell and what projects are embodied in your district?

- I Will note that at the moment within a district staff Young Guard of the United Russia Closed joint stock company is actively realized the program for employment of youth.

- Tell about it in more detail.

- Within our district the deputy head of a staff Young Guard of the United Russia on educational work as Konstantin Larichev with assistance of the head of a staff Alexey Kapyshev the purposeful program for search for students of permanent job or a temporary side job through trade-union committees of institutes and the Moscow Student`s Center (MSC) was developed.

- What search engine of work through a district staff Young Guard of the United Russia ?

- It is rather simple. So the students who are looking for work can ask for the help chiefs of regional staffs in the place of their study or activists of primary offices Young Guard at the institutes. Then they will be connected either with trade-union committees, or with MSTs, or directly with employers. I will note that our staff saved up the big database of vacancies on which students can settle.

- What will be a salary of students in one day of work?

- Differently. I will note that it can vary from 1000 to 2000 rubles depending on the proposal of the employer. In general, it determines the compensation size, and all matters only in its competence. From myself I will note that, in the conditions of financial crisis, such form of a side job for students with the free schedule is extremely useful. Besides I will note that in this case, students work for the hometown benefit, but not for the benefit of everyones western fast food .

- Oleg, tell about the second project which you are going to realize on the basis of your district.

- Well, the second project intended for realization in our district is the project of the « interactive debating club (IDC); Thought . This project is it - laynovy socially - the publicistic project urged to draw public attention to actual problems of the state and prospects of development to youth policy in the Russian Federation. I will note that IDK Thought is the noncommercial project realized on the basis of the resources of the Internet open for public use.

- Oleg, at the expense of what means you plan to create the club?

- IDK Thought it will be created at the expense of own information resources, available a district staff of SBI Young Guard of the United Russia Closed joint stock company, and also with information support interested in the mass media project.

- What aims will be pursued by your project?

- IDK Thought pursues himself the aims of development and creation of the concepts of the state development directed to the decision actual socially - political, scientifically - educational and socially - economic problems. IDK will have three constant sections where authors will be able to publish the scientifically - publicistic articles.

- Oleg, tell, your project is the independent project, or he assumes cooperation with other projects of the Moscow staff of SBI Young Guard of the United Russia ?

- It is supposed that work of IDK Thought it will be harmoniously combined with founded by the Moscow office Young Guard of the United Russia debating clubs, giving to their participants the additional platform for expression of the opinion.

- On the basis of what your project will be created?

- It is planned that the IDK « project; Thought it will be posted on the website of a district staff Young Guard of the United Russia Closed joint stock company (www. zao_molgvard. ru - an editor`s note) when development it is finished. For now there is a development of the website a basis for IDK Thought the blogging community in « serves; Lira (liveinternet. ru/community/3145140 - editor`s note)

- Tell, Oleg what political and socially - the significant aims are pursued by your project?

- Interactive debating club Thought represents independent socially - the publicistic project providing creation full mass media or IT - the portal lighting public life and initiatives of the progressive youth trying the ideas to help prosperity of our Homeland and realization of the strategy 2020 approved the prime minister - the minister Vladimir Putin and the president Dmitry Medvedev.

- Oleg, you plan one messages creation and development of this club?

- No that you. On the basis of our district there are no independent projects in negative sense of this word. We do all projects together. For example, the employee of academy of Work and the Social Relations, and also my party colleague Konstantin Larichev helps to develop concepts of economic character to me. The graduate of the same academy and the chief of a staff « helps to be engaged in section of public policy to me; Young Guard of the United Russia Western District Alexey Kapyshev.

- Oleg, proceeding from your words, it becomes clear that the idea of creation of information club has collective character.

- Exactly. Collective spirit promoting realization socially - significant projects also distinguishes solid collective of our staff. We, young and vigorous professionals - I, Oleg Mikhalin, Alexey Kapyshev, Konstantin Larichev and other members of our organization combined our common efforts directed to development of concepts for constructive development of the country. We believe that if to follow Putin`s slogan - Medvedev Together we will win we will be able to achieve progress in any undertakings aimed at providing positive nature of development of our Homeland and realization of strategy Russia - 2020 approved the prime minister - the minister Vladimir Putin and the president Dmitry Medvedev.

A press - service MGER of closed joint stock company of Moscow