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Young Guard of the United Russia against financial crisis of

last week in the Russian economy there were two important events - the Russian budget was translated back to the annual plan, and the Central Bank declared the end of devaluation of ruble. That it - recovery from the crisis or only its new round?

We will remind that last week in the conditions of an economic crisis the country leaders were forced to revise the draft budget and instead of the three-year plan again to pass to one-year.

Many experts already hurried to call it an event the beginning of a new round of an economic crisis in Russia. However, the statement of representatives of the Central Bank which followed in a weekend that devaluation of ruble is finished forced a great number of experts to change the pessimistic opinion for opposite.

We will note that we will explain such dualism of economic experts with what the financial exchanges of the whole world was in a fever recently. So, if at the beginning of a week at all exchanges recession was fixed, then on Friday 13 - oho falling was replaced by growth in 3 - 4%.

The Russian stock exchanges adequately reacted to a world agiotage and game of traders on increase. Let`s note that in a weekend of stock quotation of the large Russian companies grew up a little.

In many respects this circumstance which coincided with the end of devaluation of ruble inspired the Russian investors and parliamentarians.

By the way, at the beginning of a week the last were compelled to curtail one of achievements of the State Duma of the last convocation namely to return the one-year budgetary plan which replaced three-year-old.

We will note that transition on three-year-old was Vladimir Putin`s initiative which was supported respectively by his « party; United Russia . And now United Russia party members - the fact crawfished and again returned the one-year budget.

We will note that the main reason of folding three-year-olds its orientation to the ultrahigh income from oil, and a low rate of inflation is. Besides, the budget was not calculated on devaluation of ruble.

These and many other reasons, induced United Russia party members to revise the financial plans and to return the one-year budget.

About prospects of further economic development of the country the correspondent of MGER has a talk with the deputy head Young Guard of the United Russia Western Administrative District Konstantin Larichev student and employee of the Center of Employment of Academy of Work and Social relations.

- Konstantin, tell in what you how the student and the employee of the Center of Employment of Academy of Work and the Social relations, you see the reasons of a present economic crisis in Russia?

- In my opinion, the student`s look 4 courses sources of a global economic crisis consist in initially wrong credit policy of the USA. So the American government, encouraging boom of mortgage lending, absolutely forgot that it is impossible to give such large number of the credits at such low level of check of solvency of the client. As a result, the mass non-return of the credits led to the deepest crisis in mortgage area. Further the real estate derailed the market pulled for itself stock market and the resonance went more deeply when stocks of the American companies began to become cheaper sharply, the blow was felt by the markets of Europe and Asia.

- Konstantin, tell how you are otsenivayeteshansa of our country on recovery from the crisis?

- If you noticed, then Russia in much smaller degree suffered from an economic crisis, than Europe and America. Proceeding from it, it is possible to tell safely that chances of our country to recover from crisis are rather big. Besides, even it is possible to see positive tendencies in the form of the termination of devaluation of ruble and again growing price of oil now.

- Konstantin, how personally you, being a student?

- I try to make all the efforts for fight against unemployment uniting interests of large employers and students.

- Tell about your concrete steps, Konstantin.

- being a student and the employee of Academy of Work and the Social Relations, decided to apply to a solution of the problem of unemployment those professional skills which the Academy, and that practical experience which work in such large public organization gave me as « gave me; Young Guard of the United Russia .

- Tell about it in more detail, Konstantin.

- So, I with assistance of my colleagues on Young Guard created in the Western District the whole infrastructure on employment of youth. So by means of my colleagues from district Young Guard adjusted the mechanism on involvement of students for work and a side job on various long-term and temporary projects on employment.

- Konstantin, what represents this mechanism?

- It represents the whole package of measures. I cooperate with the Moscow student`s groups and other organizations which are interested in young shots. The scheme of work such is each head of the area of closed joint stock company feasibly gives help in informing the population of the area on the available free vacancies.

- Konstantin, what work your employers can offer students?

- Various, beginning from the billposter of announcements at entrances and finishing with profile vacancies and also non-staff correspondents. The only thing that I can add still, my project is supported and realized with assistance of Alexey Kapyshev of the head Molodoy by CJSC Guard and a press - services MGER of closed joint stock company Oleg Mikhalin

Oleg Mikhalin (a press - service MGER of closed joint stock company of Moscow)