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Living wage?

How to live on a living wage? In conditions when the absolute majority of able-bodied population of the city faced real losses of the income, this subject is represented to us more than actual. It is looked through everywhere, in all problems which first of all concern people: work loss, an increase in prices for goods and services, economy of expenses, receiving the social help from the state and so on. We intend to make own journalistic investigations; by means of experts to give consultations, to answer the questions raised in the afternoon. And, above all: we invite to take part in this heading of those people for the sake of whom we work, - you, dear readers!

What is a living wage?

Among newsdealers the joke is widespread: the living wage in Ukraine is an indicator not of a standard of living, and more likely its duration. But if joking apart, then in 1999 the Law of Ukraine " was adopted; About a living wage . In the first article such definition is given: The Living wage is a cost size of normal functioning of a human body, sufficient for providing, preservation of its health of a set of food, and also the minimum set of nonfoods and the minimum set of the services necessary for satisfaction of the basic social and cultural needs of the personality .

That is it is the basic state social standard. It is applied not only to the general assessment of a standard of living, but also to establishment of the sizes of a minimum wage and the minimum pension on age; determination of the amount of various social payments - from a dole to student`s grants.

In 2009 the living wage is established in sizes which worked in December, 2008. That is for one average Ukrainian per a month he makes 626 hryvnias. Living wage for those who treat the main social and demographic groups of the population: children age till 6 years - 557 hryvnias; children age from 6 to 18 years - 701 hryvnias; able-bodied persons - 669 hryvnias; persons who lost working capacity (including pensioners), - 498 hryvnias.

Thus, the state considers that it is enough this money for providing normal functioning of a human body . What at the same time minimum set of products, goods and services is meant by the state?