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Whether it is necessary to admit the silly acts?

U of each of us happen in life silly acts. And how you feel when learn others about your nonsense and whisper about it at every turn? I and knew!

And the most unpleasant - not it. And the fact that history this acquires details which dopridumyvat others. Well if everything is safely forgotten. And here, for example, at work hearing about yours to a kosyachka (well, you it consider it as it) reaches ears some general chief and in very inflated look, in a look kosyachishcha and everything that could be dumped on you, colleagues managed to present exactly as a result of this yours defects .

Calls you general for explanations and The result is known. Your dreams of an award, career development, holiday in convenient time are etc. covered copper basin for some time. Besides, the reputation is spoiled. If suddenly there is something similar, and responsible will not be found, guess from three times on whom will think? It is correct! How it you so, from the first guessed?

Generally in our society of losers do not love. From any mistake public opinion usually draws the tragedy and far-reaching conclusions of type: This companion does not cope, is mistaken .

No wonder, first reaction simple normal - to make the person so that nobody learned about it. However, as it is regrettable, almost all secret sometime becomes obvious. Some exceptions only confirm the rule. And here Read the first paragraph.

And now we will present everything exactly the opposite . Let`s take the same situation at work. Well, there was something. In principle, it is possible and to hide, but we act in a different way.

Quickly we admit it, in detail and publicly. Now you nobody not the right to accuse, you everything already admitted. And quickly you do everything for correction of a situation, attracting third-party resources. Ideally, still it is possible to give to the general chief or to the manager who is engaged in the solution of similar problems, your thoughts of how to make so that similar never repeated.

As for me, I always adhered to the second behavior model. For this reason when I worked at plant, my crew practically was never exposed to humiliating checks as all data on defects, the happening states of emergency and, the main thing, how to correct them, I always gave. Rare checks only confirmed my correctness.

Now when I carry on business, such approach promotes fast emergence of trust between partners and provokes more effective actions from which benefit both parties. Besides, exceptions happen. People are different, but in general this approach very strongly facilitates life and is my strongest competitive advantage. And the earth fills with rumors Whom you personally would choose if the responsible order is necessary to you, - firm where to you always, even at them jambs answer Are guilty! or firm where recognize the mistakes and correct a situation the means?

So, finally I will quote one of hundred rules of effective management of Tom Peters:

Messed up? Admit to



In detail.

I publicly!!
this Principle is universal

and if to apply it, life becomes much simpler.

People have a huge stock of generosity for the repenting sinners, especially hostages of own nonsense. And a huge stock of hatred for those who just try to evade responsibility or shift responsibility for the misses to others (Tom Peters).

You do not trust? And try simply.