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Intway World Corporation - way to financial freedom or next pyramid?

Job search in the conditions of financial crisis - a problem No. 1 for most of the unemployed. Therefore it is no wonder that many of them cling to each chance to find a job or find some income for themselves and the family. Unfortunately, sometimes people do not think of consequences of this or that kind of activity, fabulous profit on which promise many companies in the advertisements.

Alas, even now, after notorious JSC MMM various Houses Selenga and recent swindle Kings Capital exist and, apparently, not bad prosper separate " firms; promising to everyone unique opportunities to grow rich in record time. About one of the similar organizations the speech will also go

Practically each applicant in the course of job search for certain faced such rather new phenomenon under the name Intway Corporation . And, for this purpose it is not obligatory to be the Internet user since announcements of the offer of unique earnings in the Network can be met practically in any city and any place. What is represented by this mysterious organization? To learn it, we go to one of introductory seminars which are held regularly in all large cities

I will not discuss quality of holding the seminar since it does not maintain any criticism, and I will just stop on that information which was told to all attendees by one of curators this project. According to him, of Intway World Corporation is the promptly developing international corporation specializing in the latest information technologies in the field of electronic commerce. Its uniqueness is that it offers ALL) (!) persons interested magnificent conditions for start of own business on the Internet, an opportunity to receive real estate on credit on the minimum interest rate in every spot on the globe, and, without the certificate of the income and an initial contribution (!) access to the real auction in world stock markets at the minimum sums of investments to have the personal Internet - shop and own website on which without special preparation it is possible to have and increase the passive income, unique conditions of training in the company etc. Generally, according to him, Intway is the only and right way to financial freedom and success!

Takes the breath away from such bright prospects! Here where, really, opportunities for financial wellbeing! And ways of earnings ultramodern: electronic commerce, stock market So it is, actually, necessary to have these financial instruments at the order?

Here also the most interesting begins. The matter is that to get access to stock exchanges, the Internet - to shop and other specified types of business, it is necessary to become the partner Intvey . For this purpose it is necessary to get special business - packages by means of which the chosen kind of activity is carried out. For example, the software package a web - the website costs to creation $129, the Internet - shop will already pull for $299. And if the person interested wants to get business - the place for improvement of the movement of financial streams, then for it it is necessary to lay out about 900 more c.u. In total, if the potential partner wants to play at the NASDAQ, AMEX or NYSE exchanges and to learn all subtleties of business in this corporation, then the sum of its capital investments can easily pass for 2, and even for 3 thousand c.u. Here such here favorable cooperation conditions

As everything really happens? In a real situation the only source of the income at most of persons interested to increase the capital are points and bonuses for the attracted clients. I.e., in other words, Intway - it is usual MLM - a network, here, and those only sell not cosmetics and dietary supplements business - packages, having bought which, many do not know what with them to do farther since to trade in stock markets or to be engaged in advance of the websites, a certain base of theoretical knowledge and practical skills is necessary. Therefore the people earning more - less decent money in such ways, in " corporation; Intvey it is not enough. Otherwise, about hundreds and thousands of simple citizens who surprisingly grew rich by means of this nice corporation headings of all business publications would dazzle. Thus, the main type of so-called business is reduced to banal network marketing here

Besides, big doubts are raised by presence of certain allowing documents at this organization. It is not enough - malsk financially competent person understands that for carrying out operations with securities the license of the State commission on securities and stock market is necessary. And for a possibility of crediting and release of own payment service provider it is necessary to go licensing or to NBU if it is bank, or in the relevant service of executive power in the sphere of regulation of the market of financial services.

According to information which was given by the leader of a seminar in Ukraine their corporation is presented to LLC Intvey Ukraine (by the way, the only founder of which is the Russian company CJSC Intvey - Investment ) . According to information from EGRPOU, the authorized capital of the company makes only 35 thousand hryvnias...

As for directly mortgage lending, any bank employee, having learned about unusually preferential terms of receiving the credit for real estate abroad and about lack of the corresponding permissions to carrying out of this sort operations, will ask a number of questions: who will make the estimated cost of this real estate? How contracts of a mortgage and purchase and sale will be made out? In what register the acquired housing and in what insurance company it will be insured will be brought? In all banks there are quite strict procedures of registration of the transaction with real estate which slightest non-compliance can lead to the fact that it can recognize illegal. Here almost total absence of any obligations and terms for crediting is available. As they say, comments are excessive All this says

that participation in some kind of financial pyramid, only in the look which was more modernized and adapted for today`s realities is once again offered. To participate in it, so-called, " megaproject; or not is a business of everyone. I will tell only that here not all reefs of this pseudo-corporation, and only some of them were called.

Nevertheless, according to information obtained at a seminar in the Ukrainian structure Intvey already by the sweat of the brow work more than 100 thousand people. As they say, demand gives rise to the offer...