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Than the constellation of the Aries is remarkable? Myths and astronomy of

is the constellation by tradition appearing the first in a zodiac belt, has ancient history.

What is told about the Aries in myths and legends?


called it constellation of a ram in Egypt connected with image of god Amon which was sometimes represented in the form of the innocent person with the sun between horns, or in human shape with the head of a ram. Amon`s cult which arose in Thebes extended then all over the country.

After its began to call Amon - Ra (when cults of two deities merged), and then he was declared the head of all Egyptian gods and was esteemed as the donator of victories of the Pharaoh (who was considered as his son), vsevedayushchy god, the heavenly defender oppressed ( viewfinder for the poor ) . On both sides of the avenue conducting to the temple Amon - statues of sphinxes with blockheads as the ram as a symbol of wisdom was considered as one of sacred animals of this god are exposed to Ra in Luxor.

In Old Indian mythology of Agni, god of fire, was represented sitting astride a ram. In a deal Taro Oven corresponds to the Father - the fifth card of the main lasso - and embodies invasion of the Divine into matter. Hett had a tradition in solemn processions to bear the mutton skin strewed with gold dust before the tsar`s chariot.

In antique tradition the myth about a zlatorunny ram has several versions coinciding in a plot core, but dispersing in episodes of the beginning and end. Whether the Thunderer Zeus, whether the angelic messenger Hermes, whether the goddess of clouds Nefela (whom the gromovnik also created from a cloud as Hera`s clone) sent a magic ram Kry to Gella and Friks`s revenue, children of the orkhomensky tsar Atamant (Afamant) and Nefela mentioned just. These poor creatures on an evil slander of the stepmother, magician Eno, have to be brought as an atoning sacrifice to gods.

Kry seated the brother and the sister on himself and flew up, carrying away away from the native places which became dangerous. Alas, Gella did not sustain flight: it began to whirl the head, and the girl fell in the sea in that place that is called Dardanelless now, and on Ancient Greek it appeared Hellespont. Friks safely reached on zlatorunny transport Colchis where it was accepted under the guardianship by the tsar Aet (Eet) on whose daughter he, having matured, married.

A little strange the final of this rescue operation according to which Kry who executed the mission was sacrificed to Zeus looks, and the Golden Fleece is hung out on an oak in the grove devoted to Ares where was under protection of a dragon until behind this relic there arrived Argonauts. Later version of the myth narrates that wonderful Oven himself took off from himself a golden fur coat and then disappeared in a heavenly height Friks`s Destiny is presented to

to mythologies ambiguously too. According to one version, this husband was killed by the tsar who warmed him first after received from the sons a prediction of his own death by hand. On another, Friks was presented to the Scythian tsar who so fell in love with it that bequeathed it everything that he had.

What is represented by Oven in the astronomical plan?

the Ancient Greek astronomer Gipparkh in the middle of the second century B.C. carried out by

a zero heavenly meridian through a point of the vernal equinox and, starting with her, divided the zodiac into thirty-degree zones. And this point was then between Fishes in the West and the Aries in the east so he became the first, and Fishes - the last constellation in the zodiac (and still it is designated a sign of the Aries though in centuries it was displaced quite far, having approached Aquarius).

Oven in the sky of the northern hemisphere occupies the space equal to 441 square degrees, and contains not less than fifty stars, visible with the naked eye. It is considered that in this constellation there are no exclusive wonders and in general it is quite dim. However features all - are.

For example, such: three main stars of the Aries (Hamal, Sheratan and Mezartkhim), form an obtusangular triangle, easily recognizable at the look directed to the south of constellations Treugolnika and Perseus and to the north of Keith`s head.

Besides, the star Mezartkhim became one of the first double stars opened by means of the telescope. R. Guk got this honor in 1664. And slightly earlier, in 1612, Plantsius allocated part of stars of the Aries in separate constellation Northern Mucha, but this innovation did not get accustomed and in modern star catalogs will not meet him.

Here such history at this constellation. Let it will be a gift to all who are given birth under the sign of the Aries!