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President of Ukraine: what leader is not enough for us?

Passed four years since Ukraine lost the independence. Not in legal, and in psychological sense. It became similar to the child who does not know where to him to go and what to do. Why does that happen? Because the people do not know what governor is necessary to it. At all in the eyes pink glasses . Why the people every time think that the new President will bring us prosperity? What has to be life of Ukraine that its inhabitants complained less?

To the previous presidential elections life in Ukraine was much stabler and quieter. But the people cannot wait to become even more independent though historically it developed so that our state submitted to will of others at all times.

On elections the people are always bought on promises of the candidate who guarantees dramatic changes in life of the state. He does not understand that sharp changes cannot be carried out, the country for many years led the same life . Unless the newly made President can change a state policy in four or at most eight years of the board? No!

People do not understand it. As a result it turns out that Ukraine suffers internal disagreements. One its part says that it is necessary to conduct policy so - and so - another says that all this is wrong. And the people are surprised still then that people were grouped against each other. And what he wants? It is natural reaction of resistance to changes.

If someone promises that the country suddenly unexpectedly will begin to prosper that there will be considerable changes in the legislation and in policy, such candidate will only bring ruin. It literally breaks the state, without having given it the chance of gradual transition from one way of life to another. When the state breaks, it is reflected in all segments of the population. Now is to all badly because the policy cracked.

The most interesting is the fact that our people, having elected the new President, in a year began to be sorry about the act. People made a slip after which the political situation will be difficult to be returned to the former course. Ukrainians cannot understand what leader is not enough for them.

The real President, worthy the right to operate the state, should not be rag to depend on someone else`s assumptions, opinions, etc. He has to know accurately where and why there is a country. At the competent politician the logic has to be well developed. It is desirable that he was a little imperious and confident in the words and acts. If took any step, then after careful consideration and irrevocably back, corrections of errors, etc.

Election campaigns are created in order that to zazombirovat people. Thus, people turn into herd of sheep. And if the people become such, then and elect the corresponding President. Therefore you should not listen to all these campaigns that life in Ukraine will become better. The most suitable option - the person who will not brag that something will change.

The main value in the state - stability when you know what will be tomorrow approximately the same as today, without surprises. In policy of surprises there has to be as little as possible. The country changes gradually or at all does not change but only breaks. Therefore be guided by the leaders who are not promising the moon. Who shouts most less, that does more.