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Whether you love a bath how I love it? Who only does not write part 1

about a bath. And on our glade there is a lot of School of Life of such articles. The bath is long since respected in our Russian tradition, and it is healthy. Why not to support those national traditions which promote health temper, clear, train it would Seem to

, everything about it is already told. On the contrary. I will not repeat and write about what to take with myself than and to whom the bath is useful and to whom and than it is harmful. My task consists in another. I want to tell on the local example about what this pleasure - a bath. When procedure is chosen taking into account the preferences and own state of health, and all nuances of stay in it are constructed on the basis of signals of the organism. It, darling, always generously shares with us feedback, it is necessary to listen only attentively to it, to hear and react.

At once I want to tell that it is about a simple Russian public bath in the country Russian town. And at the same time I will give the reasons - why I chose to myself such bathing option, but not a fancy sauna with antler the VIP - service. Business here at all not in cost, and absolutely - absolutely in another

the Bath I love since the most young years since derived the inescapable pleasure from sharp contrast of a hot broom in pair and ice water from gang. There were different times, and once I visited a bath weekly, and once was not shown years, having twirled in whirlpool of everyday life.

But to forget it absolutely - well is not present, you come into too pleasant fortune after correctly carried out bathing procedure. Here, for example, very fine happened, having come to a bath an ice cold winter time the cheerful women`s company, to spill to Kamenka something grassy - fragrant and to soar each other, strolling a venichok from pyatochek to the top. And then all crowd stark naked to jump out and dive into a snowdrift. The benefit, a bath allowed - the town was small, and it, darling, away from any there enterprises, behind a small fence so both a snowball pure, and the people do not stare at our divings. Several such procedures - and then massage the friend the friend, and as a peeling corn grits of a fine crushing - where there different chemical preparations. Skin after smooth, silky, a dream as at the healthy baby and in a bath remains decade

It was for a long time, since then not once the city, and the company already absolutely another replaced There were attempts to have a rest in the most different baths - both the saunas which are most superpacked, and the Turkish baths, and you a jacuzzi different, cabins infrared and other frills. The heated floor, bubbles in a jacuzzi rage, well beauty simply. But such pleasure as it was in the simplest bath yes with good steam, it was not possible to receive. Too it some glamourous gently to care - to cherish itself, the " type; we it are worthy . It is boring and fresh. It is lazy and faded. And there was a wish really, in Russian, that in a big way, about the ferry fragrant, a broom fragrant, ice water

Began to look for a suitable bath in a present habitat. Passed everything that is - and chose. And now I do not miss any Sunday - though here stones be on a silver platter, I will evade, and I will reach a bath.