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How to make baked milk in house conditions?

What can be more tasty than some genuine milk? Only baked milk. Not for nothing he was trained in Russia since the most ancient times. However, many technologists claim: it is impossible to call him a useful product.

in the course of a topleniye the denaturation of milk protein and destruction of vitamins occurs, calcium becomes almost insoluble, and lactose enters some undesirable reactions with free amino acids therefore color of milk changes. Other experts, on the contrary, consider that it is acquired by an organism much better integral, and recommend it at various disorders of a gastrointestinal tract. and in the crock-pot my grandmother prepared

In a thermos for

toplenka very simply: in a big wide aluminum pan poured up to five liters of market milk and brought on the gas stove to boiling. As soon as milk began to rise, it mixed it a wooden spoon and diminished fire. The pan was kept opened, the milk very quietly there pobulkivat, but anywhere not ran away . An important point - periodically it was necessary to remove the formed skins from it. Hour through three - four excess moisture were evaporated, and it reached the necessary standard. Readiness was defined first of all on darkly - to cream color.

Option for idlers. You take a usual thermos, you rinse with boiled water and you fill in just boiled milk there. Densely you cork and you forget about it for all day. Or on all night long. Milk will be ready to the use of hours through eight. It is less dense, than prepared on naked flame, and color at it rather pink, than cream. But all the same you will lick fingers.

And on the website Bread machine. ru found councils for preparation of baked milk in the crock-pot. You fill in couple of liters of milk in a crock-pot pan, you choose the suppression mode (6 hours) with transition to the heating mode (2 - 4 more hours). The clever device will make the rest. Frequenters of the website impart experience of addition toplenka in yeast dough. On their responses, the pastries turn out excellent.

Several words about product caloric content. On milk plants baked milk is usually made with percent of fat content from 4 to 6. In house conditions it can be even higher, especially if rural " milk is used; directly from - under a cow . Than it is fatter, more time is required to those on its melting, but that and the result is more remarkable. Holesterinofobov I ask not to screw up the face and not to hurry to delete this lovely delicacy from the diet once and for all. For you there is exit too: buy a package of skim milk and prepare it for any of above-mentioned ways.

Silver varenets in a mouth

as you know, do fermented baked milk Of baked milk. And still - varenets. Both that, and another can be cooked up.

Fermented baked milk. we cool Freshly cooked baked milk to 30 - 35 degrees and we add sour cream there. Proportions: on 1,5 l of milk - 500 g of sour cream. Usual, store, twenty-percentage. Carefully we mix and we warm up in a pan within half an hour, without ceasing to stir slowly, on slow fire. Then we remove a pan from a plate, we close a cover and we allow our fermented baked milk to be drawn a watch 5 - 6. Then with pleasure we drink and we treat members of household.

Varenets. for this purpose we weary milk in an oven or on the gas stove, only we do not skim, and we heat in the milk. It is necessary to make this operation somewhere time or two in an hour, and so throughout three - five hours. We allow milk to cool down so that it was slightly warm, we add to it sour cream and cream (on 1 l of milk - 2 tablespoons of sour cream and a glass of cream). We spill varenets in glasses and we put for the night to the warm place. When giving on a table we decorate a surface of varenets with ruddy warblers. They say that this excellent means for immunity increase, especially in the spring.

In the Russian monasteries prepared so-called silver varenets earlier. In ware with milk put a silver spoon or a coin, maintained four days in heat. Silver ferment turned out. Then added it liquid cream in the ratio about 1:4 (on a glass of ferment - liter of cream). Put in not hot furnace and melted for 3 - 4 hours, periodically stirring slowly and watching that serum was not cut. Then accurately shifted varenets in other ware and took out on cold. Ate with rye crispbread.

Both in porridge, and in cocktail

Baked milk gives to

really boundless opportunities for culinary creativity. For a start try to cook on it porridges - you will not regret. Here some instructions.

Semolina. Polstakana of semolina is filled in with cold water and we stir - it is necessary in order that in porridge there were no lumps. We merge water, and we add grain to the boiling baked milk (1 l). Once again we stir, but we do not cook at all, we remove from fire, we flavor to taste with salt, sugar and butter, we close a cover and we insist within half an hour that grain bulked up and increased in volume. If you since the childhood hated cream of wheat, then you should change the opinion on it.

Oat. In the boiling baked milk (1 l) we pour out a glass of the oat flakes which are washed out in cold water, we cook, continuously stirring slowly, 5 - 10 minutes on slow fire. Salt, sugar, oil - to taste. Before giving to a table also we draw half an hour under a cover.

Buckwheat. the Glass of unground buckwheat is washed out, we fry on a frying pan without oil, we add water so that it covered buckwheat approximately on two fingers and we cook friable porridge. We salt or add sugar. We spread in plates and we fill in with hot baked milk.

Some hostesses soak salty herring in milk. Try to lower for half an hour pieces of fish not in usual milk, and in melted. For certain it will be pleasant to you. And serve with the mashed potatoes which are also divorced baked milk instead of integral such small fish.

If you are an admirer of milk soups, also for the sake of a variety on a table cook them on baked milk from time to time. The same concerns dairy kissels. And mixing baked milk with various fruktovo - berry juice, it is possible to cook unusual cooling cocktails.

And for a dessert - a love potion which recipe got to me in some instructing in white magic. If you had a quarrel with the spouse or the spouse, pour some baked milk in a porcelain cup, sweeten it with several drops of honey and lower twelve kernels of pomegranate there. Leave a cup on a table. Yours to a half it will surely want to try captivated milk. Soon all offenses will remain behind, and your love will flash with a new force. How effectively - I do not know. Neither on itself, nor on the husband did not check.

But well I know, than to treat a headache after long stay at the computer. Glass of warm baked milk. And no tablets are necessary.