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Why also by what abortion is dangerous?

resorted To interruption of pregnancy in an extreme antiquity. The relation of society and state to abortion was not constant. Everything depended on a social and political system, economic, social living conditions, number and population density, religious beliefs.

The modern woman is granted the right most to resolve an issue: to have it children or not to have how many times to give birth and when. There is no doubt that each woman wants to become a mother. But it to have to correlate time of appearance of the child to many circumstances of real life: family, zhilishchno - household, labor and. etc. Therefore it is authorized to resort to artificial interruption of pregnancy (abortion) in the conditions of medical institution if for any reasons the child`s birth during this period is undesirable to the woman.

Legal permission, execution of artificial abortion in medical institutions created illusion of full harmlessness, safety of this operation at women.

the Woman, having decided on abortion, it is convinced that this operation will not affect its health and an opportunity to become pregnant in the future.

Artificial abortion is a surgery which puts to an organism a biological trauma and is dangerous by negative consequences. Performance of artificial abortion by the qualified doctor in the conditions of medical institutions provides some guarantee that operation will have a favorable outcome. But nevertheless the percent of the inflammatory processes which arose after abortion in a uterus and its appendages is high.

Why also by what abortion is dangerous? Operation abortion - destruction and removal of fetal egg - is technically difficult, the doctor does not see the channel of a neck of a uterus via which the surgical tool, neither a cavity and walls of a uterus is entered, nor the most fetal egg Operation is carried out blindly and to the touch. In such conditions even the most skilled surgeon is not insured from mistakes: the probability to wound a uterus wall, to leave in it a piece of fetal egg, to excessively scratch out a uterus cover is high.

Inflammatory process in a uterus, pipes, ovaries is a frequent consequence of abortion. The zarashcheniye of a gleam of uterine tubes conducting to infertility can result from inflammatory process. If after inflammatory process of a pipe do not grow, their gleam is sharply narrowed from - for cicatricial changes. Pregnancy in this case can come. Spermatozoon, having microscopic size, gets into the narrowed pipe, but the impregnated ovum, having increased in a size, she is not able to promote through such pipe in a uterus, extra-uterine pregnancy develops. Later 1 - 2 month the stretched pipe is broken off, owing to bleeding in an abdominal cavity there comes the state menacing for the woman. Only the qualified surgical help can save the woman`s life in that case.

The abortion which did not cause complications after operation can exert adverse impact on the subsequent pregnancy and childbirth. Spontaneous abortions, the pathological course of pregnancy and childbirth often occur at the women resorting to abortion. Childbirth usually can be difficult, long, is complicated by bleeding.

Pregnancy is a natural state of a female organism. About pregnancy approach the organism of the woman is reconstructed and prepared for childbirth. Also there is in it no such body which would not change the function in connection with pregnancy. Pregnancy interruption roughly breaks physiological processes of an organism that also has quite often harmful consequences.

Various frustration of a menstrual cycle can be consequences of abortion also.

If abortion influenced functions of ovaries, having broken processes of maturing of ova, there comes infertility.

Breaking normal functioning of endocrine glands, abortion often causes obesity.

As a result of abortion at some women arise nervous breakdowns, headaches, irritability, reduction and even disappearance of sexual feeling.

The first artificial abortion at not giving birth woman right after the beginning of sex life is especially risky. Having made abortion in young years, the woman can forever lose happiness of motherhood. Treatment not always brings desirable result.

And there is an easy way to prevent disaster. Preserving the health and the wellbeing, it is necessary to take protection measures from pregnancy.

In female consultations it is always possible to obtain the qualified information of rather existing ways of protection, the most suitable contraceptive will be individually picked up here.

Make thrifty use of the health!