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How the Indian market looks?

the Shouting children, talkative women dressed in the most colorful clothes, the men with a thoughtful air helping wives. But feeling that all shout. Women - on children, children - on mothers and buyers, all - at each other, and it - not manifestation of unexpected or habitual rage. It is ordinary work. Traditional, since ancient times a familiar kind of activity of all mankind - trade.

Seen, fruits of the earth and hard human work are more often unprecedented. Spices, and also unknown potions. Meat and fish, coffee and tea. And of course gold - silver, products from cashmere, silk saris, other fabrics of manual development, spirits and aromatic oils, quite good jewelry and cheap trinkets, hand-made articles metal and wooden - all this it is possible to see on the Indian market. Impression a little wild (for an unaccustomed eye) violences of paints - both in clothes, and in flowers of fruit and vegetables.

And still at all color - a crush and it is not really pure. The saturated world, you can only be allowed in which you as very desired buyer.

But the Indian market can be called and quite respectable a retail network where, of course, and the choice another, and it is quite silent, moreover - it is cool, and importunity implicit more likely readiness to do a favor, but counting upon a good bargain.

There are markets and little shops in resort places, but there is already absolutely uninteresting. More precisely, it is very interesting - influence of the Russian-speaking contingent of vacationers on owners of goods and sellers strongly affects. Look. Then? Come. Later? Buy. Tomorrow? Cheap. Already bought? Hi, and today you will come? Tomorrow? Very beautifully. Tomorrow? Tomorrow? . But it is some already smiling to a floor - game, even persistence you will not call.

Nevertheless street markets in seldom visited places - it is more interesting. In them boils, the vital deafening force rages, and one such experience (empathy) can be enough for the rest of life.

And it is very similar. There comes the truck, goods are displayed on baskets, worldly-wise scales are sometimes put - and everything is ready to action. Things are easy - to manage though to sell something.

Women exchange impressions about the previous lived day, about the goods, about greedy buyers who, of course, bargain greedily. Noisily and habitually try to explain what for fruit stays in its basket, often there is no full mutual understanding to the buyer in this question. Try to hold the price, reluctantly, but quickly enough agree to throw off. And it is necessary to bargain as it would not be opposite. It is too part of trade ritual which everyone is obliged to observe strictly.

Happens, sell also men. Most likely, the goods more valuable trust in them. But men too can be tired. To lie down, take a nap.

The end of market day is a show too. Of course, men work, clean, but what is done by women, impresses for a long time.

And nearby snake charmers can sit. And to be engaged in the work - to conjure. Too serious and responsible work. Here all cards (snakes) strictly to men in hands. Here still something in sounds should be understood. And, of course, in snakes. Surely.

Retreat for men.

A one of the most large and well-known markets is in Calcutta near the subway of the Dumas of the Dumas. This name is well known by military - bullets with an incomplete cover which are flattened in a human body so are called. In that area they once were also made. Now they are called expansive bullets and are forbidden by the Hague convention of 1899.

There is such street Indian market. It is unlikely it strongly changed over time, will hardly find other shape in the near future. And still in own way he is beautiful.