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Rafting: what acquisitions and losses? Karelia, the Alps, China dropped down

of Three times in life to enjoy, and also to be ill and count losses. Losses are standard: the cameras (which drowned or wetted through and sank into oblivion prematurely), packages of things, sometimes - fragmentary clothes. And also quite possible displays of cold, fatigue, it is occasionally possible to be put also by the head (well if on it a special helmet).

Acquisitions: showdown; communication with the nature, we will call it active; heap supernumerary situations, from cheerful to slightly risky; manifestations of effort, and sometimes and excessive effort; group labor action - and it is skill reasonably useful in life in general.

Karelia - the peculiar beauty which almost is not touched. From Moscow the bus to base on Uks (Uksunyoki`s) river goes straight. After sleepless night that it is natural, already hard to deal with rafta. but it is necessary to move - forward and on water.

As a rule, always speak same: maximum complexity from 1 to 4. At the same time does not make a reservation that Uksa - extremely capricious river and not ordinary events are possible. Those happened often - and in the first day when for fatigue the post was handed over the most young people, and accepted a post two women of years forty and one man who, however, rowed already lying But with mosquitoes it was

not so terribly, special means perhaps helped. And had a rest few times, the most skilled and hard-working during rest slightly accepted on a breast

the Most mysterious piece: shiver. Apparently, it is not enough water, but a current strong. Stones stick out quite terrible: if to take off from swimming means, it is possible to give licking (at worst - the unprotected head). So with shiver it is necessary to be on the alert. In them at the same time both still water, and swift-flowing, and direct streams, and slanting, and even the return. And also often there are water holes called barrels .

In the second day, at the threshold, learned to float on kayaks. The threshold for some reason carried extremely improper name Pink elephant (the native name - Sarnitsankoski). Water, really, pinkish - whether from granite reflections, whether for fear and admiration in eyes

A for the third day which was assumed to be joyful return to the place where waited the bus, happened at first small and an opposite, at the same time especially long, rain, and then an edge of a stone pierced raft.

All bathed in more than cool water, carried away things. Something was caught, something disappeared irrevocably, or perhaps someone who it is far - far, and caught. But as a result of brainstorming the interesting decision to turn raft into a catamaran was made, as made. Pulled a cloth, were attached on sides. So trousers turned into elegant shorts, or on the contrary.

The second experience happened in Slovenia. The foothills of the Alps, on difficulties - not really heavy route, but incredibly beautiful landscapes and just remarkable rest. Pure and fast river of Krk. The remarkable river Socha (Juice) which is called pearl beauty from - for corresponding colors of water. By the way, this river had the hardest battle during World War I. 300 000 people died there, and these bloody fights the memorial stands still now, and in textbooks of history this episode is called 12 fights on Izontso .

The only minus - from the coast quite far to go to bases from which an alloy so it is possible to be tired more of the road, than of the rafting is carried out. And here without loss did not manage: at all the camera refused,

But rafting which is wrapped up not in the accuratest way in cellophane in China (island of Hainan) was the most harmless and short - one day. Though it was necessary to use also climbing equipment, there were rock-climbing elements which organizers of a route very skillfully interwove into alloy fabric. All this was called category 1 - 2 complexities. But it was necessary and to climb mountains, and even to jump to falls

But - very beautiful nature, lack of midges, the wonderful rivers and falls, abundance of birds and exotic insects (the last - on the fan, of course).

Advantages of rafting to those who sometimes are engaged in it - are obvious. Without speaking about beauty of the nature, adrenaline (for those who need feed), ability to quickly react, eat also a set of other pluses.

Joint work, and sometimes and joint creativity. Obligatory mutual aid and revenue of the companion. Well always to apply it in our ordinary life. But though people find in such type of active recreation, maybe, what lacks them.