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Whether the economic crisis in development of freelance will help?

the Economic crisis - the phenomenon difficult, it brought a set of problems in life of the Russian citizens. Among them the main are: reduction of number of workplaces, the gradual growth of dollar rate attracting shaking of economy of our country, banks became more exacting to treat issuance of credits, and many other things. Generally, problems at us increased, and here their decision looks as light at the end of a tunnel .

Perhaps not everything is as bad as it seems? The answer to this question depends on under what corner to look at a problem and ways of its permission. In this article we will mention only work. The fact is sharp reduction of workplaces at the enterprises and in the organizations, mass dismissals of people. Someone tries to look for the new place of work, others - not especially worry on this subject and continue to be engaged successfully in freelance.

The freelance is an occupation which is characterized by freedom of activity, a possibility of creative realization, the minimum contact of the worker and employer, compensation which depends only on the freelancer. Remote and outwork - too can be freelance. Some people treat it without special trust, including this occupation children`s entertainment which cannot provide stable earnings and consequently, and confidence in tomorrow for separately taken person. Actually all differently. We will be convinced of it on the example of an economic crisis.

So, the employer in the conditions of crisis will carefully consider the money. Many heads of the organizations already switched over to a regime of economy. It is expressed in reduction of travel expenses, the expenses connected with training and professional development of personnel, carrying out corporate holidays and distributions of gifts to the employees. How you think whether it is convenient in such conditions to rent office, to pay a salary to the main workers and their assistants, to pay holidays and sick-lists, etc., etc.? Having rejected all emotions and having thought only of a material component of a question, it is possible to answer: No! .

The freelancer in the conditions of an economic crisis - a suitable figure for the employer. On it the variety of reasons is available, but we will mention only the main:

1. Compensation of the removed worker - a payment for a certain result of work. In this case do not have such concepts as hourly payment salary . All ingenious is simple: performed work - received in advance stipulated sum. The freelancer only carries out the order, receives money only for it. Usually such concepts as payment of the sick-list, providing holiday, the severance pay in case of dismissal, do not exist for the freelancer. And there are no times them, for the employer it is additional plus who allows to save money significantly.

2. The relations between the employer and the freelancer have in most cases informal character, that is, actually there are no those relations which are governed by standards of the Labour code of the Russian Federation. Undoubtedly, it is one more advantage of freelance in the conditions of an economic crisis. The database of the relations - only mutual interest of the parties (for the employer - receiving concrete result, for the freelancer - receiving payment for work).

3. The employer does not have need to create conditions for work of the freelancer. the Removed worker independently resolves this issue. It needs only the computer with Internet connection, existence of a certain knowledge, desire to work. For the employer - one more point for economy of means in the conditions of crisis.

4. Search is very simple. the Employer and the freelancer can find each other at the special forums devoted to certain subjects, the websites of vacancies and distant work. Contact is kept by means of e-mail, the system of personal messages which is specially built in the interface of this or that resource devoted to work, ICQ, Skype.

Having read the above-named advantages of freelance, answer a question: Whether the freelance Can gain the development in the conditions of an economic crisis in Russia? . It is sure that you understood its advantages in comparison with the traditional organization of work and you will answer: Yes! .