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How it is correct to roll together?

It is no secret that loving couples at most of time try to spend together, having fenced off from other world, enjoying every minute of communication with darling. There are many ways of joint pastime, but one of the most pleasant as it seems to me, the fulling in a bed together is.

The thoughtless fulling in a bed with darling well influences an organism. I was convinced of it already repeatedly. But to derive a maximum of pleasure from this occupation, it is necessary to follow certain rules.

So, of the Rule of a fulling in a bed .

1. In the room where there is a bed, it has to be warm, but not hot. The cold is not necessary to us, the fever does not promote achievement of mutual understanding and manifestation of feelings. Pining with a heat, lovers it is hardly reached a consent too and will not be able to derive full-fledged pleasure.

2. In a bed, except you personally, there has to be, certainly, an identity of an opposite sex pleasant in every respect (or not opposite as to anyone). Procedure of a fulling as it was already told, surely has to be joint! We are not going to have pins and needles in sides alone.

3. A blanket - a necessary element for creation of a cosiness. Perhaps, you do not need to take cover, but in that case the blanket can serve peculiar construction material for creation of a cozy lodge - a nest in which to you it will be together pleasant and joyful. Besides - in certain cases there can be a situation when you want to take cover, and even with the head.

4. At arm`s length from a bed there has to be a tray with food and drinks: cookies, fruit, candies, chocolate, ice cream, tea, cognac, light dry wine Any vodka and beer, and, especially, fat with garlic - the food and drinks have to cause pleasant feelings, supplement the easy atmosphere of a cosiness and pleasure.

5. The fulling surely occurs in close contact with the partner. You have to speak about something with each other, conduct lovely interesting conversation with the friend (girlfriend). Besides, darling (darling) needs to be embraced, kissed, sometimes to whisper on an ear some darlings and tender words. Sometimes it is necessary to come off for a while from each other for meal and drinks.

6. Rolling in a bed, it is possible not only to talk with each other, but to be engaged in some business which causes mutual interest. It is possible to read aloud the interesting book or the magazine, it is possible to develop strategic plans of the joint happy future, it is possible to create: to draw or photograph darling, to together write the novel, to compose verses, or, say, to prepare new article for Schools of Life . Try everything in the course of a joint fulling!

7. Any TV distracting from pleasant procedure! In the course of a fulling you have to devote yourself only to darling. It is not forbidden to turn on the pleasant quiet music supporting a pleasant spirit.

8. Important! At distance of hundred meters from the location of housing in which there is a room in which there is a bed in which you together roll it is necessary to expose surely the sentry with the weapon, for shooting of all guests and potential violators approaching the house. Remember, the interrupted, incomplete fulling can be dangerous to your health!

As it seems to me, I listed all basic rules of a joint fulling in a bed. Everyone can apply them in the life and check in practice.

Successful to you fulling!