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What is the express - cosmetics?

Now to look ideal, the woman should not put a lot of effort. The majority of cosmetic brands release the express - the products working wonders with skin and hair. However it is necessary to apply such cosmetics strictly by rules, at uncontrolled use this cosmetics can do much harm. Let`s try to understand pluses and minuses the express - cosmetics.

of Means from wrinkles


only magic there are no wrinkles medicines on sale now! Serums, masks with effect of lifting, tone up creams with collagen and strengthen skin. The express - wrinkles medicines stimulate production of collagen in skin, feed it, sate with minerals and vitamins.

However the effect of similar cosmetics is short-lived. Usually it lasts about twelve hours. These means are good only in case of emergency when you need to reduce wrinkles for very short time and to give to face skin a healthy shade. And at too frequent or daily use there can be a boomerang effect. Skin will grow old much quicker, than is put by the nature.

Exit here such: attentively read instructions for application a miracle - means and do not exceed the established norms and intervals of use. It is usually allowed to use anti-aging the express - means no more than three - four times a month.

of Means for beautiful hair

Special the express - masks can give in 5 - 10 minutes to any hair a healthy look. From this cosmetics hair become shining, soft, obedient and magnificent. And it is clear: the express - means perfectly feed and humidify them. However when using such cosmetics it is necessary to adhere to the instruction strictly. The excess couple of minutes the express - masks on hair can spoil appearance of your hairdress.

" shampoo; 2 in 1 too the express - means belongs to the category. Its use considerably saves time that is very convenient in business trip or on vacation. But at separate use of shampoo and balm hair receive more nutrients. Therefore in usual days it is better to apply traditional cosmetic products.

of Means from spots

Acne rash most often appears at the most inappropriate moment. And in this case the express - cosmetics from an acne will come to the rescue. In fight against spots treat high-speed assistants: special pencils, creams, gels, means for washing and a napkin. Action of these cosmetic products is directed to fast elimination of defects of skin, but pencils and acne gels do not influence the reasons of their emergence in any way.

All have an express - means of this type there are side effects - dryness, irritation and reddening of skin. Therefore it is better to use such cosmetics pointwise not to injure healthy sites of skin. Surely read what is a part of a product. You should not buy cosmetics which contains ethanol.

The woman always has to look ideally. But what to do if frequent application looking after the express - cosmetics can do much harm? Apply decorative cosmetics with instant effect!

Special concealers will disguise reddenings and irritations. Qualitative foundation will smooth face skin, will give it freshness and youth.

The lipstick increasing production of collagen will make lips full and seductive.

And ink with effect of eyelash extension will give to your look magic appeal.

Be magnificent!