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Smoking - harm! How to reduce it?

It is known that completely it is impossible to neutralize impact of tobacco on an organism. Only the correct decision - completely to refuse smoking. But many cannot throw an addiction. Besides, passive smokers often have no opportunity to protect themselves from effect of tobacco.

What products are capable to compensate to an organism loss of the valuable substances spent for fight against negative impact and, whenever possible, to minimize harm from smoking, both passive, and active?

Cabbage. the Researches conducted by National institute of ecology of the USA demonstrate that cabbage - an excellent prophylactic of cancer diseases. The reason available in a vegetable of isothiocyanates, the anti-cancer substances containing growth of the cancer cells and interfering their reproduction.

Remarkable abilities both the usual white cabbage, and Chinese, and especially possesses broccoli (asparagus). Regular consumption of wonderful vegetable reduces probability of a disease of lung cancer by 36%.

Tomato juice. according to Japanese juice - an effective remedy against emphysema of lungs, which reason in regular inhalation of a tobacco smoke. Scientists of the Tokyo university of Yuntendo experimented on mice. It is supposed that protective effect of tomato juice is caused by existence in its composition of antioxidant of the lycopene suppressing education of oxygen radicals - the molecules doing harm to cages.

Carrot juice. the Beta - carotene will be transformed by a human body to the vitamin A necessary for strengthening of mucous membranes. The dose necessary for the smoker - two glasses of carrot juice a day.

Sprouts. In the sprouted wheat seeds the whole scale of useful and active agents among which there are vitamins E and B12, folic acid and selenium protecting tissues of lungs.

Vitamin C. It contains in many fruit and vegetables. Feature of vitamin B the fact that it is not synthesized in an organism and can arrive only from the outside. But, on the other hand, each smoked cigarette neutralizes 35 milligrams of scarce vitamin. Having armed with the calculator, it is possible to count minimum necessary day dose taking into account quantity of the smoked cigarettes.

Useful substances can come to an organism not only with food, but also through skin, for example, with cosmetics . At smokers the become lifeless layer of epidermis is thickened that reduces efficiency of creams, masks and tonics. It is useful more often than for the rest to do to the smoking woman a peeling. Cream for daily care of face skin surely has to contain antioxidants - vitamins A and E, Q10 coenzyme.

One more illness characteristic of smokers - kuperoz. It is shown in the form of a noticeable setochka of small vessels on a nose and cheeks. To constrain its development, should refuse all hot . Warm masks, baths, too hot dishes and drinks, solar bathtubs and suntan, even in sunbeds are contraindicated.

The given councils will allow to reduce negative impact of an addiction - smoking - on an organism. But even if to eat tons of cabbage and to drink barrels of useful juice, negative impact of tobacco will not be eliminated, only will become less noticeable. The most correct way to get rid of it - to leave off smoking completely.

Kind health.