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Smoking - harm! How many honey in a cigarette?

On a tobacco subject at School of Life collected already fifty articles. Not all from them deserved an appreciation, but all are interesting to readers what counters of viewings testify to. Your obedient servant brought the contribution in discussion of a pressing problem too.

In spite of the fact that some of colleagues - authors of the magazine call in question harm of tobacco, I am firmly convinced that this plant, in that look in what it is mainly used by mankind, does us huge harm. Yes, smoking is only harmful also any advantage, even does not bring short-term.

Completely it is impossible to neutralize effect of tobacco on an organism. The smoker constantly is affected by harmful factors as if the worker hot shop with only that difference that the last is given milk and earlier send to pension while to fans to swallow of a smoke from the smoldering paper cylinder filled by the dried-up tobacco with the future problems it is necessary to deal independently.

It is possible to wave a hand supposedly god with them, with smokers, they made the choice. But smokers are not the aliens living in other galaxy. They near the normal, non-smoking people forced to swallow of carcinogens against the will.

Stay of the non-smoking person in the smoked room within an hour is equivalent to four smoked cigarettes. Among workers of the sphere of entertainments there is a passive smoking the reason of nearly three percent of diseases of lung cancer.

Components of a smoke settle on clothes and furniture, to get rid of them very difficult. Traditional arguments of the smoker - I at a window or here good extract . That, the grain of truth in them is, but in practice no most fancy ventilating systems are capable to protect from negative impact of a tobacco smoke. To provide the necessary level of air exchange, the power of ventilation has to be such that it will be impossible to be in the room.

Fragrant with a big stretch it is possible to call only a fresh tobacco smoke. Several minutes later after the cigarette goes out, the smoke does not smell any more, and unpleasantly stinks that, I think, even the heaviest smokers will not begin to challenge. To be near the one who regularly smokes and it is unpleasant to conduct with it conversation that influences relationship of the smoker with people around.

Producers of cigarettes fight against an unpleasant smell, entering various additives into structure of tobacco products, for nothing spending valuable food. Together with each ton of tobacco the kilogram with a quarter of vanillin, one and a half centners of natural honey, 130 kilograms of various dried fruits, about a centner of rum essence and 3,5 kilograms of mint oil is spent for production of various grades of cigarettes, cigarettes and cigars.

In a tobacco smoke nearly four thousand chemicals. Through lungs and blood they get to cages of an organism and suppress their activity. Of course, the organism fights against aggression, and partially removes harmful components.

Biologically active agents which are necessary to an organism are spent for fight against tobacco. Among them there are antioxidants, vitamins E, And, groups B, and there is a lot of vitamin C. To reduce harm from smoking, it is necessary to increase their consumption.

About what diet will help to reduce negative effect of smoking - in the following article.