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History of money. What is meant by habitual names? Part 2

Money was strongly included into human life and became its integral part. The people put about them the mass of fairy tales, legends, verses, proverbs and sayings: Do not throw the - do not take the stranger Who does not protect kopek, that also do not cost a penny The Excess money to a pocket not in burden To Buy superfluous - to sell necessary The Darovy ruble is cheap, and acquired roads The Near kopek is more expensive than distant ruble and so on. In these sayings - wisdom of centuries and national experience of the handling of money.

Money among us

Thanks to existence of money we can buy clothes, products, housing and everything, as for a material world. Welfare at all people different: one live more poorly, others are richer. One can earn, and others - are not present.

Everything depends, I think, from the internal relation of these people to money. One consider that money is a dirt and it is a shame to be to the rich and that it is impossible to become the rich man, having earned money with honest work. Others, on the contrary, believe that only the wealth can make the person happy and allow it to grow spiritually. Of course, poverty is always sad and, most likely, not money, but their shortcoming is root of all evil.

Poverty is a condition of mind, but not a pocket - many modern psychologists consider. Though concepts of poverty and wealth are relative. Money cannot replace a family, friends, relatives. Universal morals and religious canons condemn when object of purchase and sale is the subject not material - feelings of love, a debt, honor, duties before someone. Let`s remember bible Judas, the sold teacher Christ for 30 silver coins!

A terrible crime and a sin - human trafficking and all what leads to murder live and spiritual: drugs, weapon, poisons, pornography and so on. The person himself chooses to himself a way of life and welfare. The thought that money is the evil will be resulted in their absence and to sufferings from it. Understanding that money is the remuneration for just work which is honestly earned by you the benefit will result in wellbeing and prosperity. And prosperity level again - is defined by the person, deep understanding that there is money and for what they serve.

Money in the Sacred Writing

Studying the first and the ledger of mankind - the Bible, we study also reasonable use of money. Great acquisition - to be pious and happy. Because we brought nothing to the world, is obvious that we can take out nothing from it. Having livelihood and clothes, we will be happy that. And persons interested to be enriched fall into a temptation, both in a network and in many reckless and harmful lusts which immerse people in disaster and a paguba because the root of all evils is srebrolyuby in which having indulged, some evaded from belief, and subjected themselves to many griefs - we read in I - m the Message to Timofey (hl. 6., item 6 - 10).

It is necessary to be happy with what we have: I Am able to live also in scarcity, I am able to live and much, learned everything and in everything, to be sated and suffer hunger, life both in abundance and in a shortcoming, I can do everything in Christ strengthening me . (The message to Filippiytsam, hl. 4, item 11 - 19).

In the Old Testament in the book by Solomonov` Parable it is written down: Do not refuse blessing to the person in need when your hand in force to make it. Do not speak to your friend: go and come again, and tomorrow I will give when you have at yourself . (3 - 27,28).

A psalm 36, item 21 says: Impious borrows, and does not give, and the righteous person pardons and gives .

What advantage, the brotherhood mine if who says that it has belief, but does not deal? Whether this belief can rescue it? If the brother and the sister are nude and have no day livelihood, and someone from you will tell them: go with the world, be heated and eat but will not give them potrebny for a body: what advantage? - the Saint apostle Jacob in the Catholic Epistle speaks (hl. 2, item 14 - 16).

And the Saint apostle John the Evangelist in the First Catholic Epistle writes: And who has prosperity in the world, but, seeing the brother in need, shuts from it the heart, - as the God`s love stays in volume? My children! Let`s begin to love not the word or language, but business and truth . As the Saint apostle Pavel in the Message to Jews warned us: Also there is no creature, intimate from it, but everything is naked and opened before its eyes: To it we will give the account .

The earning and accumulation of money is necessary for people it is better to live. But to save from avarice, the srebrolyubiya and other defects connected with money will be able only understanding of for what money and Lord`s keeping the commandments are given us.

And, above all: You yes will have Everything with love ! (to the I Corinthians, hl. 16, item 14). Probably, this great feeling will help any person to become both rich, and happy!