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For what artist Levitan became an idol? Nikolay Krymov Serov`s Pupil, the close friend Korovina, Nikolay Petrovich Krymov carried by

through long creative life of tradition of the Russian realistic art, love to the native earth and great skills. Small by the size, the landscapes of the artist deprived of outer effects attract with thin sincerity and deep poetry in transfer of beauty of the Russian nature, extraordinary light, joyful perception of the world, feeling of completeness of human life.

Whatever Krymov - whether it be the thrown old mill, the rural street which is whimsically winding among fields the small river, far open spaces of water meadows, snow-covered roofs of the Moscow houses or cozy court yard of provincial towns rolling in snowdrifts, - all this wrote not casual motives, and the experienced image of the nature. These are original facts of life in which transfer he saw sense of creativity, the art truth to which he taught numerous pupils and followers. Krymov developed in the creativity many finds and Surikov, Repin, Serov, Levitan, Korovin, Kuindzhi`s achievements.

Krymov in 1884 in an intelligent Moscow family was born. His father, Pyotr Alekseevich, taught drawing in a gymnasium. The elder brother, Vasily became the teacher of drawing also. In the house there were always many artists, spoke, argued on art. It is no wonder that the boy since early years reached for him. This hobby was supported in a family. The father willingly was engaged with the son, training him for receipt in School of painting, sculpture and architecture which he ended.

Presented by nature, having received good vocational training from the father, Nikolay Krymov in 1904 brilliantly sustained a competition (15 people into place) in school. Recognition came to it early. In 1906. the etude " written from nature; Roofs with the snow it was acquired at a student`s exhibition by A. Vasnetsov, and a year later this work got to the Tretyakov gallery. Long before the termination of school of work of Krymov are highly appreciated. Write about it, its works reproduce.

The career of the artist was not simple and clear. The first independent years - time of intense searches of the vision of the world, graphic language. It gets under influence of various art currents: creates deliberately distinguished landscapes solved in conditional color scale; imitates a national popular print, inhabiting truthful landscapes primitive characters.

Krymov`s biography is rather poor external events: persistent, intense daily work, pedagogical activity, work for theater. It was not attracted by romanticism of long journeys, did not interest trips abroad. For creativity quite got the fact what was near that he constantly saw that he since the childhood loved. Native Moscow area, Zvenigorod which once captivated and Levitana. Tarusa with her picturesque vicinities loved by many Russian artists and Moscow - here and all simple geography of krymovsky landscapes. But as fixedly, he lovingly studied each corner of this family for it of places and transferred the pleasure from a meeting with captivating beauty of the nature of a Central Russian strip.

Exerted huge impact on the artist to Levitan. Krymov considered it an idol: Since first years of my independent creative life, I was struck in Levitana by his extraordinary thin sight, ability to transfer the moment of day and character of the Russian nature; I long could not understand how I Levitan wide dab freely and was convincingly able to represent a grass, log huts, trees, the sky .

With a fine craftsmanship and penetrating poetry Krymov various a state of nature at different times day and year transfers. Clear tender sunny day, the bushes and trees dozing in hot languor quiet small streets of provincial towns which are given to drink by heat. Gray day with a small drizzle and low hung lowering sky with softly thawing outlines of objects. Winter twilight or early morning with cold, blue shadows. The beams of the setting sun which are gilding tops of trees and flashing on walls of houses.

As often we hurry on affairs, without noticing what is valid, the nature has no bad weather . And pictures of artists before which we stop for some moment suddenly give us feeling of participation beauty of the reality surrounding us.

Within the last 30 years Krymov from early spring to late fall lives in Tarusa, on the bank of Oka. In numerous landscapes extremely picturesque friendly town and its vicinities is imprinted. Works of the artist - the anthem to beauty of life, beauty of the earth, and in this their deeply humanistic, patriotic character.

In Krymov`s creativity works for theater figure prominently. The scenery and suits executed by it to To the Warm heart K. S. Stanislavsky considered A. N. Ostrovsky for the Moscow Art Theatre classical: Merchants life is so truly transferred To them, it is a lot of courageous invention, sharp grotesque, subtle humour .

Nikolay Petrovich Krymov, according to the contemporaries, was charming, sincerely generous, versatile a gifted person. He was also a musician, perfectly sang, knew and loved literature, theater, was a witty story-teller, the cheerful interlocutor, permanently attentive and kind to people, irreconcilable to any falseness and hypocrisy. And it transferred this truth in the works.

Attentively considering its landscapes, we will understand and we will believe: Each weather grace it is only necessary to be adjusted on the necessary wave of perception...

Illustrations are taken from the website krimov. ru.