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Again on the Diet? And whether costs?

At modern women one more was added to a set of unsoluble problems. Question On what diet to sit down? concedes unless eternal What to put on? . However psychologists claim that very often the person wants to grow thin, being guided by the wrong standards of beauty set by our society. Therefore before transferring itself to a diet from dandelions, reflect and answer a question: Whether Really I need to grow thin? . The affirmative answer and to discussion is not subject? Even the statistics will not bring down you from the planned way? And it provides the following data: annually only Americans spend 40 billion dollars for purchase of special dietary products and about 500 million on purchase of new books about the up-to-date diets helping to lose excessive weight.

There is a lot of diets, but, by estimates of psychologists, only 23% which sat down on it can sustain a diet, another 37% stand her partially, and the others begin and break. How to endure a diet and not to break?

If you cannot do without sweet, afford it, but with some restrictions. Sweets have to contain as little as possible fats. Therefore satisfy the thirst for a dolce vita with caramels, fruit jelly or fruit jellies. Try to add honey to food, and especially to tea: for its assimilation the organism spends several times more energy, than for sugar.

If you cannot do without chocolate, eat only dark chocolate and no more than 200 grams a week. It is limit rate which the organism can acquire and not lay off on hips.

To track how many and when you ate, and, above all - to find the reason of failures of diets, psychologists recommend to keep the diary. It will help to learn to control itself(himself) and the feelings, and also to precisely count calories. Write down in the diary when and how many you ate and why. Do not deceive yourself and bring all cases of a deviation from a diet. Looking through records, you will be able precisely to define then for what reasons they occurred and to somehow change a situation.

Avoid use of spices and spices when cooking. They increase appetite, and you will not notice how eat more, than it is necessary, and the feeling of hunger will torment you for a long time.

In the evening much happens very hard to refuse food, and some cannot even fall asleep for a hungry stomach. Do several intensive physical exercises: it will allow to distract with feeling of hunger, considerably will reduce its intensity and will burn some more calories. But it is better to do it not later than for an hour to a dream. Otherwise you just will not fall asleep. If the feeling of hunger needs to be muffled somehow, drink half-cups of rather weak warm tea with a small amount of cream or milk.

And still you can use recommendations from the book Seven secrets of slender people written by two nutritionists - Wicca Hanson and Sean Gudman.

Secret No. 1. Do not die under food freight. Never you eat for the psychological reasons. Often people in a stressful situation eat, considering that the food helps them to cope with a stress. In this case give preference to carrots and apples, but not cakes and pizza.

Secret No. 2. Pay attention to the body. What you want to eat, and what is wanted by your body - often not same. To define that is wanted by an organism, try to answer questions: what do you want to eat when it is hungry? Whether the food which you eat is tasty? (If this food is wanted by an organism, then its taste seems to you just phenomenal.) How your organism within several hours after food behaves? Whether you feel discomfort after food?

Secret No. 3. There is what there is a wish most of all for. The problem not in consuming more or is less than useful products. The problem is in that the nobility when and how many is. If you eat when it is not hungry, the organism turns food into fat. If you eat more, than it is necessary, the organism turns excess food into fat too. You can gain weight, eating any food, and can lose weight, eating any food. In time to stop, it is worth following the rule No. 5.

Secret No. 4. To stop food when for the first time felt sense of fulness. Your organism does not want to gain excess weight. Listen to it. Sense of fulness comes when you ceased to feel discomfort in a stomach, but do not feel that you overate. You can eat further, but you can make a pause.

Secret No. 5. Is only when it is really hungry. Hunger signs: you feel emptiness in a stomach, become inattentive, feel excessive ease in the head, a lack of energy etc. It is not hunger if you are excited pleasantly by the food smell reaching from kitchen.

Secret No. 6. Is with care and judiciousness. You have to learn to listen to the body. Nobody is better than it does not know that it is really necessary for you. You have to become the real expert in the organism: nobody is better than you will not tell how you feel to, in time and after food. When you eat, do not distract: do not watch TV, do not read, do not talk. Never take from a plate a new piece until chewed previous.

Secret No. 7. To listen to a body, but not mind. Only your organism is capable to present you health, longevity and force. Each organism is unique therefore listen to yourself, but not other people.