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Turtle: the pet and the friend or Who sleeps under the battery there?

In my opinion, the pet, most convenient and unpretentious for house contents, are an overland turtle. Most often in pet-shops it is possible to see steppe or Central Asian. They are brought from Kazakhstan, Central Asia and quite often parted in house conditions.

How to contain?

Ideally needs suit with

to a turtle a special terrarium with the warmed-up bottom. The bottom of a terrarium is done double, having laid a heating spiral with the porcelain beads dressed on it. Power of a spiral has to be no more than 10 - 20 W. The size of a terrarium is recommended to 804040. On a bottom sand, gravel or small stones by a layer of 3 - 4 cm

If floors in your apartment wooden is filled, you can quite hold a turtle on free walking, placing it in a terrarium only for the night. Especially the turtle needs additional heating in the spring and in the fall when it is already cold, and heating does not work yet. With cold weather approach some domestic turtles fall into hibernation. If your alumna gathered enough fat, then she can oversleep till spring if she is not present - can die. There is no opportunity to get a terrarium - arrange the place which is warmed up by the glow lamp near the battery where there is no draft.

At me the overland turtle lives just on a floor more than six years. In cold time sleeps in a bedroom under the battery, leaving sometimes to eat. If she crept out - means got hungry. Before feeding it is necessary to give to a turtle the chance to get warm properly, otherwise it will not be able to digest food. What to feed with

a turtle?

the steppe turtle eats

In the nature various plants, backs, small insects and invertebrates. In pet-shops the special forage for turtles is on sale. Generally it consists of dried vegetables, fruit and something like a cat`s forage. My turtle this forage is did not become. Having read books about vegetarianism of turtles, I offered it only vegetable food until I saw once how she eats greedily cat`s porridge with fish. Of course, the turtle needs vegetables, fruit and other plants, but she with pleasure eats porridges, worms, slugs and the soaked cat food. Try to give various food because taste at each turtle the. Mine, for example, does not eat any sweet fruit, except sweet cherry. I read that someone`s turtle loves onions. Eksperementiruyte. The main thing that the food was various and contained many useful elements.

The turtle needs water. Pour it in a low saucer which is the best of all for attaching to a floor a bilateral adhesive tape, otherwise water will be on a floor all the time.

In pet-shops special vitamins for turtles are on sale. They are in the form of drops, powders or spray. Ideally it is desirable to get a complex which contains also calcium, necessary for creation of an armor. But there is also separately bone meal which needs periodically to be mixed with food.

In the summer if there is opportunity, allow a turtle to take a walk in a grass. That it was not lost, paste an adhesive tape to an armor a balloon. It is possible to expose a turtle on the sun in the summer. You watch that it did not overheat. For this purpose it is necessary to shade part of a box. If beams get into the room, the turtle with pleasure will be heated in them.

The steppe turtle quite often in bondage lays eggs. Most often they not impregnated. If at you whole herd turtles, it is possible to think of cultivation. The special incubator for eggs is for this purpose surely necessary.

How to define a sex of your pet?

Males on the lower part of an armor, a so-called plastron, have a dent which helps them to carry out matrimonial duties.

The overland turtle is very interesting as a pet. She recognizes the owner, can give preference to any of family members, creeping on a leg or in his slipper. Can try to bite unfamiliar guests.

Despite unpretentiousness, the turtle needs your care. It is necessary to feed, wash, pay it attention. At good leaving the turtle can endure a dog, a cat, and some types - and you so treat it validly!