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Purpose. What it has to be? How to learn yours it or not? You need it or it is a craze?

Purpose. What it has to be? How to learn yours it or not? You need it or it is a craze?

The question costs an edge, at statement of the purposes, than to be guided to be sure that the purpose is necessary to you it yours, but not the neighbor and t. d

to write down the purposes not a problem though many and do not do it, either do not know as, or do not want, and can write forgot.

In my opinion, the purpose has to correspond to some parameters or criteria.

1 Any purpose has to bring joy, but not grief or pain.

2 the Purpose has to be positive.

3 the Purpose has to bring satisfaction, introduce in life something new and fresh.

4 the Purpose has to bring benefit not only you, but also others.

5 the Purpose after achievement has to give an impetus for the next victories.

6 the Purpose should not destroy balance in life (loss of a family, health)

7 the Purpose has to bear in itself knowledge that it is really necessary, simply necessary.

8 the Purpose has to be concrete.

The most treasured purpose of all beggars and hungry are money.

the Question - how many they are necessary for

the Answer - much, but in this answer is not present concreteness, it is $1 or $1000 000

the Question much - 1 000 000 it are good or not

the Answer - to a lump as. Present to

and whether your reason will sustain such sum. You do not even know what with it to do. Even if everything to spend at once, then then life without money again.

the Question - what to do with one million.

the Answer - to buy everything, I know what to do, give me one million.

Such answers of people lets know that with one million it is necessary to it, he does not even know why it to it.

the Question - that from it will receive other

the Answer - nothing why I will share with someone. This mine.

Result - an ordinary boorishness and short-sightedness (lack of circulation of money) of

the Question - what impetus will be given by one million for new victories. the Answer - if it just to spend

- the push any will not be.

Remember any movie where the main character gets big money. result - as money came, and left. unjustified luxury, different unnecessary stuff. money ended, unrealized dreams remained.

of Million to us have not enough, one billion is better. we will have enough it precisely. Perhaps will also be enough, but why it to us in a madhouse. our, unprepared reason will not sustain such sum. And do not even try to deceive yourself, your habits to spend money, to treat them speak for themselves.

A still knowledge that you can buy on such denzhishch your brain is just broken off.

all of you still dream of one million, and only 10 000 or 100 dollars can to you enough. And life from it will become much better.

The purpose is a dream which has to be achieved to precisely certain term. (H. Mackay)

Some questions for statement of the purposes

1 by whom I want to be

2 that I want to do, than to be engaged in

3 where I want to visit

4 that to see

5 whom to meet

6 what skills to seize

7 what I want to share with other

8 how many I want to earn in day.

9 how many I want to earn in a month.

10 Where I want to live (the house, the rental apartment, giving etc.)

11 Where I want to live, in site plan, the countries (Russia, Ukraine, the USA, Germany etc. in the wood, in a clean floor. near the sea, near the river)

12 What I want to change in myself

13 What I will get for myself, having achieved the objectives?

14 As will change my life on achievement of the purpose? Whether I am ready to such changes (whether on me will press society)? whether

15 is Enough at me resources for achievement of the purpose, or they need to be looked for on the play course?