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Flexible approach to a body, or Than the extension is good?

Concept of flexibility are associated at us with youth, ease and symmetry. And all of us know expression that the biological age of the person is defined by his flexibility. But usually people for some reason do not hurry to try on on themselves its criteria, leaving this quality on a share of gymnasts and ballerinas whose images arise in the head at the mention of this concept. And in vain!

Development of flexibility is necessary not only to athletes for improvement of achievements, but also to all people in everyday life, irrespective of age and a profession. It is a direct way to increase of working capacity, fitness and a raising of a vitality! As it works with


Physiological process of extension represents alternation of tension and relaxation. As a result of it exchange processes in muscle fiber become more active and blood circulation improves.

Transition from tension to relaxation and vice versa reflex causes reaction from nervous system, thereby regulating in it processes, and well influences the emotional sphere.

Actively being engaged in different types of dance about ten years, I do not represent the physical activity without such exercises any more. The body will be tired of a physical overwork - I relax by means of an extension.

The movements demanding big power expenses are carried out easier if before it to stretch. Any exhaustion and sincere adversities depart on time - two, it is worth beginning potyagush . Stay in good physical shape at me is directly connected with degree of the prolixity.

I will notice one more detail for people purposeful and measuring results of the work in a certain equivalent. Besides all pluses of physiological aspect, performance of such elements as the twine, the bridge, a small basket and other tricks, will give an additional reason for pride of themselves of darling!

What it happens?

Distinguish flexibility active and passive.

Active it is shown in the course of performance of exercises by the person, by means of his independent efforts. Passive - with use of external factors: burdenings, extension by means of the partner or shells.

Personally to me active flexibility is more to liking: here I can control tension degree better, trusting in own feelings. As it to do


in order to avoid injuries, to beginners I strictly recommend to be engaged in a stretching under supervision of the instructor which will also pick up the necessary set of exercises.

You remember the basic rules of an extension :

1. Having warmed preliminary - warm-up. It is easy jogging and jumps, moves of small amplitude - the word, the movements forcing an organism to join.

2. Gradualness : amplitude of movements should be increased smoothly.

3. Do not hurry! Distinguish feeling of stiffness and a muscle strain from pain which can lead to a trauma. As if you did not want to stretch out, for example, do not adjust yourself soon - time will come and everything will turn out. As they say, more haste less speed.

4. Relaxation in the conclusion is a potryakhivaniye of hands and legs.

To control complexity of exercises, thereby increasing their efficiency, it is possible by means of repeated repetition, intensity (increase of speed of performance), increasing amplitude of movements.

My ballet teacher somehow noticed that occupations promptly lead in the summer to growth of progress of schoolgirls because warm-up of muscles goes to a heat much quicker. Indoors as it is hot, and bigger time of a lesson a body works for force and an extension, without spending energy for a warming up. Efficiency of occupations in the summer above, if during the winter period, time in two, and at times more! Once you mean such auxiliary factors, an evening of days and a warm season!

we Derive pleasure!

Than you were engaged in

, it is necessary to do it to the heart`s content. This important vital principle remains actual everywhere. The main thing to begin and force itself to do an extension regularly . Even provided that you will achieve results, ideal for you, your following purpose consists in their deduction.

The body will thank you by all means! I already sat down on feelings of the spilled warmth and zero gravity which to me are given by an extension and sincerely I wish you to experience them!