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Civil marriage - defective ?

Today such concepts, as marriage wedding mutual responsibility lose the value. The civil marriage which was despised recently is considered norm now and is joyfully welcomed by modern youth. According to the last population census, every tenth marriage is civil, but the number of such couples grows every year, and, perhaps, years through 20 - 30 registration of marriage and wedding will look as a strange whim of two lovers.

The civil marriage existed in the 16th century in Holland. But it was a compulsory measure, the church refused to crown people of different belief therefore the city hall agreed to register such relations, they began to be called a civil marriage. Today a civil marriage call the general accommodation of two people who together conduct economy, but their relations are not registered anywhere. Supporters of such relations assure that in such marriage the feeling of freedom is not lost.

Usually supporters of civil marriages are men. Statistically, 85% of common-law husbands consider themselves unmarried, and 92% of the women who are in a civil marriage consider themselves married. Most of men consider that all women aim to marry and for the sake of it they are capable of everything... But each woman dreams of the beloved, a strong family, good children and, of course, of a fantastic wedding, a white dress, a sea of flowers and of a honeymoon trip in the status of the lawful wife. For the sake of this dream of the woman agree to a civil marriage when men promise that they surely marry, but at first it is necessary to check feeling...

Most of decent unmarried women has an unwritten rule - never to meet married men. The stamp in the passport of mistresses depresses.

The famous singer Lolita Milyavskaya repeatedly said in interview that the civil marriage humiliates the woman. The ultimatum is not the best option in the relations of lovers, but it is terrible to almost any woman to give birth to the child in a civil marriage therefore it is better to present the man with a choice: either marriage registration, or other woman.

According to the Family code if the child was born in the registered marriage, then the wife is considered mother of the baby, and the husband - the father. And in a civil marriage of mother it is necessary to prove that her common-law husband is the child`s father, or to write the application for paternity proof. The woman has the right to refuse to recognize as the father of the child of the common-law husband and in general to forbid the son or the daughter to communicate with the father. The paternity in that case can be established only after the child becomes full age. The analysis of DNA minor can also be done only at mother`s consent.

There are in a civil marriage pluses. It is possible to call such relations dress rehearsal young people can try to live together, to learn to conduct the general economy, to plan the family budget. Very often big love and passion do not maintain checks by gray everyday life and life. It is known that a half of the registered marriages breaks up, one of the most common causes is that young people did not get on together and all traits of character are remarkably shown during the general accommodation.

Also civil marriage is good option when absolutely young people, often the students who did not earn enough money yet to celebrate a magnificent wedding begin to live together. Of course, lovers want to make so that this day was remembered well that celebration was at restaurant, and it is necessary to arrive there surely on a limousine. Not to tighten the main thing, then it will become unnecessary formality.

From the legal point of view, the civil marriage is absolutely unreliable, registered gives guarantees to two parties: in case of divorce all property acquired in marriage belongs to both the husband, and the wife not in view of the one who how many earns and whether works in general. It is rather simple to show the marriage certficate, and weakness already has the guaranteed rights for contents in case of an illness, financial support if there are general children.

In what marriage to live, in civil or registered, to solve to only two lovers, but life is unpredictable and therefore it is better to be reinsured. If the stamp in the passport all the same changes nothing why not to put it?

The family code provided registration of a family without marriage registration. For this purpose rather written contract certified by the notary. In the contract it is possible to paint all rules of the game, that is it is necessary to provide a situation if cohabitants want to stop the relations or as the property at divorce will be distributed, also to paint what duties are assigned to cohabitants in case of the child`s birth.

In the registered marriage all these guarantees are provided by the law, and in case of a civil marriage these nuances have to be painted in the contract. Practice of the conclusion of such registration of families without registration of marriage came to us from the Western European states, there such contracts are widespread. The problem is in how this branch will get accustomed on our wild yablonka.

In a civil marriage both want freedom, but one always wants to be more free, than another. Therefore if couple does not want to register the relations in the Registry office, it is desirable to sign the contract at least.