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The samurai code in the Lithuanian Kaunas or Who is called the Japanese Schindler?

About Schindler`s list are not known only by the one who does not want to know. A story about the German industrialist is recorded in historical sources, books, the well-known movie.

Other names are not forgotten too. Names of people which could commensurate call of duty before orders of the administration and call of duty before themselves.

Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhara (1900 - 1986) - so called the Japanese diplomat, the native of a samurai family who, being on a post vice-the consul of the Japanese empire in the Republic of Lithuania, managed to rescue tens of thousands of Jews. It simply wrote out visas fleeing the occupied Poland. Without obeying the order of the administration - to the first and main postulate of the code of samurai honor.

Speak, did not do without the help of the Dutch consul and the charge d`affaires of Great Britain - to people without passports transit through Japan to other countries was written out. But a question - as the Samurai, choosing between class and universal codes of honor, chose the last? And from Tokyo vice-to the consul of the Japanese diplomatic mission to Kaunas there were telegrams: to refuse visas!

The American and French consulates refused to provide transit visas to the people who already passed on foot through Poland. The crowd gathered at the Japanese consulate. And Sugikhara promised to issue the visa all and to everyone. For it it became a point of honor and who will tell that this honor is lower, worse, more unworthy than honor samurai?

Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhara carried out the most paper work - filled in 300 visas daily. Handwritten as printing ended for a long time. And, having closed consulate, it continued to fill in forms at first at home, then in the train, scattering them from a car window.

So, it is known that only by hand Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhara wrote out 6000 visas. These are several months of work. And it is at least 6000 saved lives. No, it much more the saved lives because the visa was issued to the head of the family. But there is no wish to consider. Though at the moment about 50 000 people of descendants of the Kaunas refugees are obliged by the life to the Japanese.

Practically all holders of these hand-written bumazhention, the price which was life reached Japan. Main route: Lithuania - Vladivostok - Japan - Latin America (for some further away - Australia). Many chose Shanghai - too the only city in the world which agreed to accept the Jewish refugees (the colony of Jews in Shanghai totaled about 7000 people).

To be fair it is necessary to tell that terrible punishment did not follow an act of the diplomat. Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhara lived big life, traded in bulbs and did not reflect that he is a hero. Even replaced a surname, having come back home from all subsequent diplomatic wanderings.

But in two years after his death one documentary received the Oscar. The movie was called Sugikhara: kindness plot .

By what the Japanese diplomat - the Samurai - still for all a riddle was guided. Whether there was it true altruism? Whether political reasons were added to it - it is improbable. Self-interest was definitely not any. More likely, risk to draw upon itself very big troubles. Any contacts with Jews in Japan, judging by the available documents, it had no before. He answered the questions asked after war: People just needed the help . And neighbors learned about its activity only on a funeral whether to which there arrived very big delegation

Can just be assumed that the people filled with kindness and compassion are born at all times and it is not connected with race, even with education? To all other, able to make the feat without excess noise, including, and subsequently - when it is extremely favorable. Paper work can become a feat too - not small.

By the way, the first wife of Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhar was called Claudia Semyonovna Apollonova. And in former years of work in Harbin it even passed into Orthodoxy. Temporarily, of course.

Naturally, the person it was uncommon. And maybe, Chiune (Tiune) Sugikhara managed to enrich the well-known samurai code of honor somehow peculiar? Personal example.