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How to grow big, but with a small leg? Awful aspects of the Chinese culture

Since the most ancient centuries of the woman endow for beauty. Often ideals to which women aspire are very doubtful, and often reaches just ridiculous. Passion to it to improvements quite often eclipses a reason voice, causing a direct loss to health or wellbeing.

However throughout all history, even when the intuition indicated to people an inaccuracy and insolvency of the chosen way, they persisted in the searches and sufferings from their consequences.

Women of the African tribes extend to themselves necks, stringing on them rings, increase the volume of lips by means of an insert of plates in them. Until the end of the XX century European (and not only) women were under heavy oppression of corsets with awful consequences of their martyr carrying.

But the most terrible of a huge number of prejudices about female beauty there was the Chinese custom of bandaging of feet. Ladies consciously crippled to themselves legs to such an extent that it became almost impossible to go. All the matter is that large a foot at representatives of any floor in China are considered as a sign of a low origin.

There is a legend on which bandaging of feet arose in the X century at the emperor Li Yu. According to a legend, the emperor was in love with the concubine famous as the Beautiful Maiden, differing in a wasp waist and tiny stupnyam. The beautiful Maiden perfectly danced, and Li ordered to make a scene of gold in the form of a lotus (sometimes when speak about this tradition, it is called: custom of a lotus), and it before representation asked to wrap feet in silk.

Dances of the Maiden made incredible impression on it, and eventually he issued the order ruling to bandage to all women of a notable origin of a foot in the form of a cone and to trip with small steps. It became almost impossible to go, and women ceased to walk, their began to carry in palanquins. And often directly on backs servants carried, on the house they moved, standing knees on small taburetochka and making a start hands from a floor.

Nevertheless, such custom existed at least one thousand years. Guarantee of its preservation was the aspiration of the Chinese men to feel the man`s superiority and to have visible signs of the high social status. Seeing even the young girl limping or hobbling with a stick, any Chinese felt the superiority: even the old man seemed near this defenseless creation by a tiger and the getter. In addition the spouse with the crippled legs confirmed wealth of the husband. Hardly hobbling woman could not work on economy, so a condition of the husband sufficient to support court servants and to employ farm laborers for work in the field.

Such operation was performed by mothers to the daughters. The bandage 5 centimeters wide and 3 meters long undertook and it was reeled up on a foot so that four small fingers were turned in under a sole, and big remained to stick out, then the bandage so hardly dragged on around a heel that all foot was curved by an arch down. As a result of it length of foot decreased by 8 centimeters. The fingers which are turned in under foot forever were pressed into a sole or died off. The bandage was strictly forbidden to be removed even if pain does not allow to fall asleep. It was necessary to beat girls. The stump which turned out in several years was poetically called lotus .

In spite of the fact that in the XX century such procedure was forbidden by the law, it remained to live in the people still for a long time. Chinese fondly are proud such lotuses also consider them as nearly sacred component of the national culture. Here and still careful Chinese mummies tighten legs of the kids in socks more tightly...