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What makes the woman happy?

what has to be female happiness, interested women always. Whether it is enough for happiness as in the song it is sung, that darling " was near;? The German women who to habitual we rub " are or perhaps right; To - Kirche, Kinder, Kiche that in translation means church, children, kitchen - add now and the fourth - to pit?. What the man`s image of female happiness is?

Female happiness - derivative of realization of the main destination of the woman determined by it the nature and everything that is connected with it: to be darling, to have healthy children, the husband, good life. Female happiness differs from man`s in what is inherent in women. If the man has to build the house, plant a tree and bring up the son, then the main calling of the woman - to be a wife and mother. Even the little girl, playing dolls in the daughter - mother thinks out to himself prince - it also defines its role in lives, its calling.

Each age has the image of happiness. The girl - the teenager is happy, because that she meets the guy popular in the company, strong and beautiful. In 29 - 35 years the woman is happy if her elect is not simply beautiful, but also holds a certain position in society - stability and independence. Women of middle age in men wish to see strong shoulders living position and which - which of women speaks: It is happy as it provides it to all and everything does . That is see happiness in the facilitated life.

Female happiness - value judgment of past life and realization of dream and plans. For many happiness in calling - to marry and give birth to children. But not all have a husband and children. Lives alone with the husband, but has no children, another - on the contrary. And still someone has both the husband, and children, but does not feel happy. And all because for entire happiness still something often is missing. Completeness of happiness - concept individual, subjective. If the program - a minimum - a reproduction is executed, the feeling of motherhood is satisfied, other requirements appear. At everyone - the.

Female happiness depends on the level which is established to herself by each woman. The level is higher - the less happy it can feel, too high tasks, sometimes inaccessible are put. Researches of value judgment of happiness in the different countries showed that people from the countries with the low level of prosperity considered themselves happier, than in the prosperous countries. Obviously, they did not even guess that else something it is possible to have and want for completeness of happiness.

Therefore important a role for feeling of happy plays self-affirmation of the woman as self-sufficient personality, and in all aspects. But in the most part female happiness is connected with private life. The same who does not have a private life, can find the happiness in something another: in the robot, children, a hobby. People appreciate them it, and women feel happy.

Which - who considers happiness own prosperity, but often the women who received full material benefits feel unfortunate, have no peace of mind: worry for acquired by a hard work, or there is a wish bigger. Therefore, happiness - in another. The happy woman it is visible from far away - she all shines with happiness... It is loved, respected, but there is one more small, but obligatory moment - it is not burdened by life. Unfortunately, women are tired not only of life, but also of races with other women for beauty, appearance, situation. Therefore do not feel happy.

I want to wish to all women to learn to notice happiness around myself, to rejoice to every day! Rather happy woman, notices the happy moments daily. Also it is not necessary to remember days which were not rather solar. And vice versa - it is always worth remembering what was good, what warms soul and for the sake of what it is necessary to live.

This heat is transferred also to people around - the happy smiling woman with sensitive heart is a ray of light for the husband and children. And if with female happiness not everything is all right - do not forget that even after the most dark night there comes morning.