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John Travolta - life of the actor of

John Travolta is known to all as the most versatile and highly paid actor of Hollywood . Was born on February 18, 1954 in Englewood, the USA.

Was born in a big family. He is the sixth child. His father, Salvatore Travolta, the Italian - the football player, and mother Helen - the Irish - the singer. Also taught acting skills. Since the childhood John studied dances and acting skills. These qualities were imparted to it by mother. And he took tap dance lessons from the brother famous actor Gene Kelly - Freda. All this flexibility, versatility and a tantsevalnost very much were useful in his future career!

Being a child, Travolta dreamed to become a pilot . Everything began innocently: a collecting of models of planes and supervision over doctrines since near their house there was a military base. Having learned military orders, he all - preferred actor`s career. In 16 years he completely devoted himself to art.

But it did not prevent it to refuse dream. Having earned glory and a lot of money, the actor collects the real models of planes now and does not refuse to himself desire to do some flying. Got the rights of the pilot, three jet planes and The Boeing - 707 Even when its finance was in bad condition, he could not sell the planes!

The landing in December, 1993 at the airport with idle electric lighting became its most serious achievement in aircraft. Business was at frosty night so darkness and ice provided to the pilot all completeness and sharpness of feelings.

his actor`s career was and there is very versatile. He participated in musicals ( " Brilliantine; / 1978), TV series ( With return, Kotter / 1975), popular theatrical performances; Well and, of course, the hugest quantity of roles in movies gave rise to glory of the superactor! John Travolta has an award Gold " globe; for a role in the movie To Get the pudge . Also it was nominated on Oscar for participation in Quentin Tarantino`s picture Pulp fiction .

In life of the actor there were also awful events. John`s affair with the actress Dian Hilend which, by the way, was more senior than it for 18 years was tragic. In a year she died from cancer. Without having managed to recover from an event, one more awful message falls upon the actor: also his mother died from cancer. But Travolta could endure severe strokes of bad luck without acceptance of alcohol and drugs. Its only harmful addiction is a food.

In 1991 Travolta marries the actress Kelly Preston with whom at them two children: daughter (8 years) and son (16 years) But, unfortunately, on January 3, 2009 the sixteen-year-old son Jonah, Jett Travolta , died. It prizoshlo about 10 in the morning on the Bahamas where they had a rest all family. According to CNN, Jett suffered from a syndrome of Kawasaki - an inflammation of blood vessels. The body of the boy is buried in Florida. The actor thanked all who supported them during this difficult period.

P. S. Since 1975 is an active parishioner of church of scientologists. There the actor addressed after death of mother. In 2000 Travolta produced of the movie The Battlefield - Earth removed according to the novel of the scientologist guru Hubbard. John played a role of the main alien tyrant - Terl`s psikhlos.