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Who in day of its birth was proclaimed The Gift for women ?

Today, on March 8, at birthday of the glorified actor Andrey Mironov, it would be desirable to remember this person. The Gift for women his parents christened from the first days of life of future actor.

Till last day of the pregnancy his mother Maria Mironova stepped on the stage, and during one of performances it began prenatal fights. Hardly the woman in labor was taken to maternity hospital as she happily was delivered.

And though Andrey was born on March 7, but parents wrote down it 8 - go. There Will be a gift for women! - they proclaimed solemnly. And as in water looked: well-known mironovsky charm subdued subsequently not one woman.

Telling about this uncommon, talented, charming and bright person, there is a wish that also the story about it was bright and juicy that he narrated about the most considerable episodes of his life, how it is filled it lived as managed to make for the 46 much!

Been born in a family of two celebrities - variety actors Maria Mironova and Alexander Menaker, future great actor literally with milk of mother absorbed love to a scene, theater and a way of life of actors.

Since infantile years the child was in a circle of artistic bohemia and, of course, communicating at close range with many representatives of the elected society, being present at their talk, parties, and observing close uncommon talents of uncommon people, it could not but just catch the same acting bacillus struck once and his parents and their associates on shop.

But how many the tolstenky, clumsy boy what he was in the childhood had to overcome that finally that to become brilliant - graceful, it is elegant - negligent Andrey Mironov?! And the fact that it it all - became occurred not by itself, and in the course of a long facet and an invisible, but everyday careful, and at times and hard work over itself.

Though this work was to it always in pleasure! To the audience, creativity, theater and cinema, it gave all itself(himself) with pleasure and inspiration - literally without sparing the stomach Creative passion overflowed it, and at the same time it was very disciplined.

As a result of big and hard work there was a boy the famous and loved in the people actor. But who saw it, except the closest? Here is how Leonid Menaker (nowadays the film director and professor Sankt - the St. Petersburg university of cinema and television), the second cousin and the actor`s friend tells about it in the interview.

Being more senior than Andrey for 12 years, Leonid, one may say, from the infancy observed its formation as persons. So it developed that the image of such lucky, the minion of fortune - light on the feet, hopping and singing on the run became the business card of the actor.

It seemed, everything comes to it easily and it with ease goes on life, anything especially without thinking of, without spilling either sweat, or tears, nor, especially, blood. But when once in St. Petersburg Andrey pulled out the brother on the concert in mean Recreation center that with surprise observed how in spite of the fact that he it was not the central theater and not " hall; Russia - Andrey gave all the best to the full extent .

Menaker laughed loudly, standing behind the scenes, how skillfully amuses Andryush`s public, but the wrong side of this temperamental performance, nevertheless, struck him: Andrey left a scene wet, changed on two - three shirts in an evening. Plowed so as if it is its first and last premiere .

Andryusha had a strong talent, but it terribly worked on itself(himself) - Leonid Isaakovich Menaker speaks. Already all life which was continuous overcoming. Complex of the famous parents was in no small measure to that the cause: the son had to prove also to himself, and people around that he also, regardless of glory of mother - fathers costs something.

Therefore and at receipt in the Boris Shchukin Theatre Institute he did not inform parents, and having arrived, studied diligently, trying to obtain everything by own efforts, at all without trying to use parental authority. About all this is also about a hard way of the actor, and about constant doubts in the necessity and indispensability, we recognized already much later - only after his death, by memoirs of his relatives and friends

Ease and an iskromyotnost of mironovsky talent was not congenital - he had to develop, train, perfect all this in himself. In itself(himself) it overcame a lot of things. It appears, it since the birth had no ear for music! And nobody ever would think that he in general will be able to sing. But he learned! And who knows what it costed it!

To step through absence of hearing and awkwardness is still florets And here when it which already developed and the famous actor, solved independently, without doubler to carry out the most risky tricks in the picture Improbable adventures of Italians and Russia here then it would be possible and to ask - why to it it is necessary?!

Presently similar is not considered by it necessary - all go about especially the own business now: boots are stitched by the shoemaker, and pies are baked by the pastry cook but then time was another, and performance by the actor of tricks " was considered as special valor and heroism; samolichno in what they showed both the skill, and the indispensability.

Much, by the way, was in the history of cinema of regrettable cases when actors owing to it heroism perished. The Italian actors involved in the movie were shocked with what got up mad Russian . And mad Russian in full operation got out of a cabin of the fire truck, got over on an emergency ladder on a roof going ahead " Zhiguli; also got through a window into salon. Such trick was considered difficult even for the skilled stuntman.

Was on the course of shootings and not less dangerous " much; high wire acts which Mironov executed perfectly well : he went down from a window 6 - go the floor, having grasped with hands a carpet path; hung on height of the twenty-storied house over Neva, holding regions of the drawn bridge under which below floated the steamship When in 1974 the movie Improbable adventures of Italians in Russia came out, he instantly became one of leaders of hire, and the public just in bulk tumbled down on Mironov .

Soon to it the rank of the honored artist of RSFSR, and popularity and adoration of the audience already steel for Mironov was given by habitual. It would seem - that else it is necessary to the actor? But he complained that he became hostage of an image and that its real potential is not realized, not used by directors fully. To it offered generally comedy, mostly musical roles to

I in spite of the fact that also these roles were played brilliantly, and songs from movies (such as I Marry My sail, such lonely " grows white; Butterfly wings... etc.) right there became smash hits, he wanted along with comedy to play serious, drama roles

In theater I am used in the most different plans. At cinema - so far very much odnoplanovo - recognized in the middle of 70 - x in one of interview the actor. The thoughtless adventurer - here whom got used to see him from movies Beware of the " car; and Diamond hand . 80 - e years of steel for Andrey Mironov the heaviest. The progressing serious illness prevented to work, but he, despite everything, went on tour over the country much, attracting capacity crowd everywhere where appeared.

Many actors and now and then already frankly recognized that Mironov was the best of them. And it becomes more obvious to those over the years. It is characterized not only as ideal actor on a scene and on the screen, but also as surprisingly light person in life.

Same confirm also two of his official wives - both the ex-wife, and the widow Ekaterina Gradova and Larisa Golubkina respectively. They speak of it as about the most delicate husband and the father his death directly on a stage of the Riga opera theater seems on August 14, 1987 to

of Subjects, during the performance " more unexpected and more tragically; Figaro`s Marriage . Without having finished the last scene, Andrey Mironov fainted and two days later died of aneurism (the brain vessel burst) in local hospital. Light to it memory!

Here so: was born on a scene and died on a scene And life - as the flash which lit up everything around and suddenly

which went out suddenly the Official site of Andrey Mironov: www. andrey - mironov. ru