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How it is correct to learn English? As as British of

eat It is the second article about how effectively to learn English. Let`s try to solve a food problem, so to say, with elements of inoculation of love to language.

What to do if your small “ Englishman “ does not want to eat products, useful to growth of an organism, or sometimes in general refuses meal? Violently it is necessary to force never, the use in food of a product with a great effort can lead to full disgust as, for example, to cream of wheat at many people. Instead of traditional arrangements try to hold up as an example your English teacher, to tell what he strong because eats as British.

Continue a subject that British very much like to visit and always bring with themselves a small gift: a box of candies and flowers for the hostess. If your child is obedient and will well have breakfast, then during the lunchtime as to the Englishman, him it will be possible to try a tasty candy or to descend in the evening on a visit. Besides at British it is accepted to eat everything that lies on a dish, and to leave nedoyedka on a plate it is considered a bad form and disrespect for the hostess. What he is Englishman if does not follow all traditions?

And that is still interesting - on return home guests send to the owner a note with gratitude for the spent evening. Or do it by phone. By the way, it is not accepted to visit without invitation at British. Suggest the child to write gratitude to the grandmother for the baked pies and to invite her to itself on a visit on “ five o’clock tea “ (world famous English tea drinking). And if your grandmother lives in the village, then it is simply super! British love tea with milk, and milk is poured by the first that the thin porcelain cup did not burst from boiled water.

If started talking about meal, it is also necessary to mention that the real English breakfast cannot just do without porridge (such itself “ Porridge, sir! “) which is so useful to both kids, and adults, fried bacon or sausages, smoked fish, eggs and toasts. Beans are also useful and tasty attribute of the English breakfast. Generally, the choice is big, and you should not force the child to eat everything at once and in large numbers - there is still a lunch, and do not forget about tradition of tea drinking during which also eat sandwiches and other snack.

More and more English families give preference to a lunch, than a lunch (it practice in schools and offices of the different companies in England). Usually for a lunch eat soup, a sandwich and salad. The lunch is actually our lunch, it is only a little on time earlier (from 11 in the morning to 13 one o`clock in the afternoon). But to Wick - end (during week-end) British prefer to sleep properly before game in golf or cricket therefore, having woken up, they have a so-called brunch. It actually both breakfast, and lunch together, only at one go. Sunday enjoys special love. For a lunch serve fried meat, potatoes and vegetables as the main course, and on the second - “ pudding “ (pie or cake with a fruit stuffing).

And here it is necessary to reflect - to have dinner or supper in the evening? The lunch is not what you could think of. It is meal in the evening, however in more formal situation (a business dinner, usually at restaurant). For good behavior it is possible to arrange to the child a formal English lunch at restaurant. And just it is possible to have supper at home in the bosom of the family in any time convenient to you.

Toasts with tea or milk - a favourite dish for dinner of many British. The glass of warm milk will not damage to your child before going to bed, and the grandmother and her cow should write out gratitude for the provided valuable product. But try, having connected the teacher if the child is not able itself to write a note - gratitude in English as British. Yes, also do not forget about continuous studying of the language, and that British will take offense!