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What secrets hides Vervolf ? Part 3

In the beginning Germans planned to construct a rate for the Fuhrer under Lubnami in Poltava region, but then the front line moved, Hitler needed more secluded place, and a rate decided to place to the west, under Vinnitsey.

of the Legend and myths Vervolfa

other versions of the choice of the space for Vinnitsey Exist: one consider that the place was recommended to his Hitler court astrologers with whom he was in the habit to agree on the decisions. Specialists of the Berlin institute of occult sciences came to a conclusion that the space for Vinnitsey is in a zone of negative energiya of the earth therefore the rate will become their store, and it will help the Fuhrer to suppress will of people at long distances.

Others consider that the idea of construction of a rate under Vinnitsey belongs to Goering who in 1918, being a military pilot, during the first occupation of Ukraine personally studied Podolia. Goering`s biographers say that future colleague Hitler had a local beloved and the child though this fact could hardly matter for the choice of the place of a rate. Anyway Goering`s idea to build a rate under Vinnitsey which he stated in December, 1940 and proved strategic and geographical features of the district, it was pleasant to Hitler.

Still it is unclear whether the bunker for surrounding lands is safe. There are set of versions:

the Rate can be mined and lead to explosion with unknown consequences for the Southern Bug and surrounding settlements. Only Germans can have a plan of a mining.

Danger of radioactive pollution of the territory. There is an assumption that in the Vinnytsia bunker Hitler got sick with radiation sickness, which awarded its strizhavsky granite. Speak, concentration of radioactive materials in the bunker exceeded admissible norm by 500 times!

the Same radiation, but connected with the fact that in the bunker the atomic weapons were created. Underground rooms and the courses are suspiciously close to uranium layer in Kirovogradshchina. If in the bunker only military operations were developed, so why it was necessary to dig a vault of 7 in depth - the floor house?

developed the bacteriological weapon Here. Perhaps therefore the German side will not publish the data which are available for it at the rate and is not interested in excavation, joint with Ukraine?

Something else in this connection neither Moscow, nor Berlin, nor Kiev consider it necessary or safe to make excavation of a rate. here measurements say

A that radiation level in the center of Vinnytsia exceeds radiation level in the territory of a rate.

According to stories of the first military commandant of the freed Vinnytsia I. Yu. Becker (the " weekly; PEAK 1992, Vinnytsia), the bunker was the seven-story underground building standing on granite.

The branch line on which the Fuhrer`s train went approached the floor third from above, and doors of cars opened directly in the bunker!

The floor fifth from above was occupied by the Fuhrer`s apartments. Below - life support systems. Only one room was not open at survey of a rate by the Soviet intelligence agencies, it is noted on the plan and has no analogs in other rates of Hitler. On results of satellite shooting it looks a continuous black spot. This so-called room No. 3. What there? Treasures of a Reich? Some weapon of punishment or powers of darkness to which Hitler sharing ideology of a Satanism came into contact?

There are data that the former chief of foreign policy investigation W. Schellenberg on the Nuremberg process showed: agents and security guards from the Fuhrer`s environment in the reports described high apelike beings whom the Fuhrer periodically met in a vault. These indications are so fantastic that they are not even taken into account though not the secret that Hitler was keen on Magic and tried to contact with otherworldly forces.

Were suggested by some authors that in a rate experiences over people and mysterious beings not who others were conducted as mutants which Hitler wanted to use in the mad purposes of mastering the World.

In 1989, on the eve of collapse of the USSR, about To Vervolfa suddenly remembered in Moscow, and the group which began search works according to the " program was sent to Vinnytsia; HERMES . The head of the department of cybernetics of the Moscow geologist - prospecting institute the prof. L. Z. Bobrovnikov headed the program. Works carried out MT Fromm . Pictures from space were received. On them cable lines, an arrangement of bunkers and their sizes, communications are accurately visible. Were going to start excavation.

And suddenly rumors that the rate cannot be touched spread, say, it is mined and radioactive. Right there at the program means sharply ended, the work was winded down, and Muscovites left forever. Soon the USSR stopped the existence, having shattered into independent powers. On it history of excavation Vervolfa ended.

In 1992 the Bulgarian foreteller Vanga told: Vervolf - city of the dead. Be afraid to disturb it! Also told that in case of opening of a vault the unknown to mankind an illness will fall hitherto upon the earth.

And according to the astrologer Pavel Globy, Vinnytsia has two poles of power: kind - Pirogov`s estate, and angry - Hitler`s rate. Having affected one of them, it is possible to break power balance and to bring the city to natural cataclysms.

Put forward versions that in a subsoil Vervolfa the treasures of the disappeared Amber room and a jewelry stolen by Hitlerites are stored. Many hold the opinion that borders Vervolfa are not limited to a strizhavsky glade, and stretch far out of its limits.

Vervolf today

I cost

Ya on this extremely beautiful earth which was chosen for the den by one of the most terrible people living on Earth, and I regret that I am not a botanist. Around the unprecedented quantity of surprising trees and bushes grows.

Near the territory of a rate stiffened modern new Ukrainian cottages with a color tile on roofs. They are suspiciously empty. It is rumored that it is impossible to live in these houses. Some locals claim that at night here it is heard heart-breaking wolf howl though nobody ever saw any wolves in the district.

The road constructed by Germans still relatively is whole, and opposite to the territory of a rate, on the other side of the highway, the Obelisk arrow leaving up - the monument which is set up in memory of 14 thousand people killed by fascists stiffened.

Near Vervolf - a summer camping with the romantic name Swallow .

In 2002 the Vinnytsia regional authorities announced the tender for use of ownerless ruins Vervolfa that is on 10 hectares of the earth in eight kilometers from the village of Strizhavka of the Vinnytsia district. However, despite presence of persons interested to take control of this piece of the earth, to attach a rate of the late Fuhrer local authorities did not manage - the power forbade.

According to the decision of the government the special commission studied the matter and rendered a verdict about impossibility of construction in the territory of a rate of any socially significant objects.

The subject of a rate of Hitler is exaggerated many years - speak about it, write books, articles and shoot movies, it attracts both Ukrainians, and Russians, and Germans. Ownerless, it irritates local authorities and causes the mass of rumors and conjectures.

Hitlerite ruins will be wiped out sooner or later by time for now they - a terrible reminder to all of us about what never has to repeat that it is never impossible to allow - a reminder on fascism.

And all - that there - underground?.