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What is a part of cream? Emolenta and emulsifiers

All of us use creams. Daily or once a week we humidify and we nourish face skin, hands, a body, legs. We apply cream in the evening or since morning. Cream happen children`s or adult: man`s and female.

On the back of a jar not only the extracts and useful additives which are a part of cream, but also a number of ingredients with which not everyone is familiar are always registered. And whether you reflected sometime what, actually, cream consists of?

Any cream, or cream weight, consists, first of all, of a basis to which humidifiers, fragrant substances, extracts and useful additives, preservatives and dyes are added. Let`s consider structure of cream weight in more detail.

the Basis

the Basis consists of fatty raw materials which can be both a vegetable, and animal origin, and also gel-forming substances, emolent and emulsifiers.

Fats actively nourish skin, make up for loss of skin fat. Most often in cosmetics apply olive, corn, castor oils, cocoa butter, chicken fat.

Gel-forming substances allow to regulate a consistence, give to creams stability and beautiful appearance.

Emolenta keep moisture. For example, silicone - emolent, temporarily improves appearance of skin.

Emulsifiers increase solubility of substances in water, in proportion mix all components.


As a rule, as humidifiers use allantoin, hyaluronic acid, D - pantenol, propylene glycol.

Initially substance under the name allantoin was found in embryonic tissues of birds ( allantois - name of one of embryonic covers). But unlike animals, the human body cannot synthesize allantoin therefore scientists long time tried to find other natural sources of this substance. Is later it was revealed what allantoin contains in plant roots Comfrey medicinal . It is used for a long time for healing and restoration of the damaged fabrics (possesses the same properties, as allantoin from embryonic tissues of birds), softens and humidifies.

Hyaluronic acid is a branched polysaccharide - glyukozamid. At interaction with water forms a protective film. Prevents moisture loss. It is necessary for maintenance of normal water balance in skin of the person. As hyaluronic acid is a natural component of skin, its use does not cause irritation and emergence of allergic reactions. After use of cosmetics on the basis of hyaluronic acid appearance of skin considerably improves, it becomes more gentle and soft.

- pantenol (B5 vitamin) creates a protective film on skin, improves and increases safety of moisture in it, removes irritation.

Propylene glycol - the two-nuclear alcohol possessing property to hold moisture.

Collagen, skvalan and glycerin - too humidifiers.

Collagen prevents loss of moisture in epidermis.

Skvalan receive from olives, oils of germinated wheat and bran of rice. It does skin smooth and velvety.

Glycerin moistens skin, reduces evaporation of water from its surface, has antiseptic effect, promotes the best distribution of cosmetics on skin. In cosmetics it is used in the diluted look as pure glycerin can dry skin, on the contrary.

Fragrant substances

Fragrant call

the substances possessing a pleasant specific smell which they are capable to transfer to other components, to otdushivat them.

The fragrant substances applied in cosmetic products can be natural (an animal or a phytogenesis) and synthetic, received as a result of chemical processing of raw materials.

Extracts and useful additives

Extracts can also be a vegetable or animal origin. Extract - an extraction product (extraction, extracts) active components from different types of raw materials. A typical example of extraction is the zavarivaniye of tea or coffee. Depending on the nature of an ekstragent distinguish water, spirit, oil extracts. In an example with tea water extract turns out.

The useful additives which are a part of creams are various oils, vitamins, caffeine if there is a need - bleaches.

Most often vitamin E which is powerful antioxidant is a part of creams, protects from harmful effects of free radicals and presenilation of skin, does it shining.

Caffeine stimulates a metabolism, tightens skin, tones up it.

For bleaching of skin include camomile extract in composition of cream.


as preservatives use parabens. They are applied to ensuring resistance of products to microbic infection.

UF - the filter not only is effective protects skin from radiation, but also is the preservative keeping a ready-made product.

Pay attention that all ingredients which are a part of cream have positive effect only during the term of its validity specified on packing. Cosmetic products need to be stored at a temperature not below plus of 5 about With and plus of 25 about With during three years is not higher from the moment of production, in closed form.