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About the TOAD of

About the Toad.

All of us know about a toad. Yes, yes it is that toad who presses the person. Sometimes toad envy, and sometimes greed. The truth one without another does not live, here and a toad at us one. I am sure that all were visited once by this creation. At some got accustomed, at some is not present. And it is very simple to learn. If often you remember it, then she lives in you, and if not, then you are honest before yourself and others.

Envy - it is always bad. Also does not happen white or black. Envy always negative feeling and it destroys all positive.

People who envy never live life. At them thoughts are constantly directed to destruction of others benefit. * That you choked with the money..... *- familiar expression? This is a toad of a zakvakal in you. * You will think the new TV.... * - it too it. * At them everything is always good, and always well does not happen * - it its croaking is more and stronger torn from you. * I for you worry and I worry * is from its repertoire too.

And there is still a bragging toad. It brags of foreign point of view as the. Paints systems of achievement of other people as own and considers them as the most correct, crossing out others, improper to it. Actually the systems offered * by a toad * either are wrong or suit separately taken people.

The phrase (action) ** is familiar to you to SHOW OFF ** is a pure boasting with cunning with addition of megalomania.

This action comes from desire to brag of the * of coolness * to the same losers or people with prosperity which the first envies.

The good show off is more expensive than money. The silly, envious person from skin climbs that though in something to show the superiority, over more successful, even at the price of the tranquility or material welfare. Sometimes also health is staked.

For an example we will take the Darvinian award. It is awarded for the most ridiculous death.

Poland. Day to a wedding. The groom with friends have fun at a barchelor party. Were drunk too much. Began to brag, show off. One of guests took the chiansaw and with shout * is WEAK * cut off to himself a leg. The groom, with the same shout, showing the coolness, cut off to itself the head. The example is negative, but very successful. A conclusion from it is obvious.

Clever people, meeting pylepuskatel on the way, see them at once. It is simple to distinguish them. Perhaps dust also strikes with luxury and coolness, and here thoughts in the head give the gas-bag and the envious person.

At such people words in which is not present positive, a continuous negative at all slip out. Not so, it not so. Not so you whistle, not so you fly, and earlier I moved mountains and so on.

All this lies. The person and then so lived. All his life - a pylepuskaniye, race behind ghosts of good life. The toad who lodged for a long time and took root does not allow to see the world in all its beauty. Only envy, lie, boasting, greed and rage govern

in heart and thoughts of such person.

I is the most interesting, the person of it does not notice. He sees himself in warm and fuzzy, and all around in shit. And in real on the contrary.