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Each of us looks at the events from the belltower. And each of us has an opinion on the occurring reality. But it is very frequent, the majority of us uses, some standard opinion, others, but painfully familiar and almost native.

from this follows the following problem. People begin to impose such opinion to other people. There is a conflict.

that for one is correct, to another it as a mortal sin.

Exists category of people which has opinion on everything. Such to polyglots of opinions. They know that it is necessary and that it is not necessary. Walking news encyclopedias. They wide awake in the world and constantly spread * the * opinion even without having checked the facts or without having tasted. Meeting by

on the way such people, you cause in them an indignation storm. ** as you do not know it, it is known by all **.

In such situations is just necessary will extinguish the conflict, having answered that they especially were not interested in this question as it does not fall within the scope of your interests, but if it is really so interesting, then it is obligatory, in free time esteem. Though you precisely will not make it, but such answer will turn away from yourself blow and extinguish the conflict of a blank space.

Here such people give rise to the mass of unchecked rumors, and most of people absorb this information of foreign opinion bearing it further to the world with great strides.

For an example. That you feel at the word ** network marketing **. I think hit the mark. Now you will begin to tell me about a monetary pyramid like MMM, remember ten acquaintances who were burned on it. And to dig more deeply. So it is not your acquaintances and in general you do not know them, and they were burned on the nonsense.

And the matter is that, the same network marketing - one of the most powerful and profitable branches of world economy, goods and services for many billions of dollars is on sale and people earn good money.

And now word ** Herbalife **. Here you precisely will get into a fight and will begin to choke with saliva. Well who does not know Herbalife.

people die From it as a fly, and he died long ago, about 10 - 20 years ago. And again ** ** remember dead acquaintances - the dead from.

I again I got into the purpose. again heard the standard opinion, again at someone the verbiage began.

And he is still living - that Herbalife, prospers, contrary to the standard opinion. It has the opinion into the account.

of Such examples can give great variety. The essence is that it is impossible to describe taste of ice cream, without having tried it.

So why people use foreign opinion, often false, wrong and do not use the.

of the Reasons a little.

1) Bezdelye. When there is nothing to be engaged you get under influence of polyglots of opinions or itself you become the polyglot.

2) Unwillingness to think (it is necessary to strain something, and here already gotovenky is.)

3) Vera on the word * to imaginary authorities * - to losers and negativist.

4) Envy (the toad presses, about a toad a bit later, it the special place).

5) Vera in a happy occurence and destiny.

6) Lack of the imagination.

7) Freebie. (opinion that free)

Very many in the life for some reason always expect a dirty trick from life, are guided by negative, compare themselves to losers or polyglots of opinions. So it is easier for them to live. Always there is a justification for the state. The situation develops so that such people, attract what they expected in the life, then on savoir vivre advice begins to give, to impose opinion, they already consider themselves as the authoritative, grounded people. They derive the strength from news, various transfers where there are discussions of some questions, from other sources and even think out.

Try to cease to watch news and in life you will lose nothing, even on the contrary, you will get. How to be told * you know less - more strong spish*.

Will begin to discuss at work something, what cannot affect, and you do not butt in, sit, observe events, from outside assess a situation. You will see interesting much.

People will begin masks to put on, be angry, argue, to swear. Concern and importance are higher than a roof. budenovka to give

to Them. On it from above the pimpochka is, and it is necessary for the fact that when our reason indignant boils, steam through it and comes out. The truth at many with lateness, but leaves.

There are correct opinions which can use so far the will not be created. But in such cases it is necessary to be extremely careful in respect of the choice of the donor of opinion. If the person successful, then his opinion on good, successful life correct can also be taken safely his opinion and to use it and if he is a loser, then and opinion at it unsuccessful.

Good luck and success - creation of hands human