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Farewell, Pyen - Chiang!

Here the World Biathlon Championship in Korean Pyen - Chiang also ended. This championship by right can be considered as one of the most ambiguous in recent years. Yes, there were medals - at the women`s national team in relay, at Olga Zaytseva, at Maxim Chudov. But whether taste of these victories is sweet?

The World Cup in Korea made obvious the fact that to the Russian athletes treat not as other representatives of the biathlon world.

In - the first, doping scandal. Until the very last day it was not believed that tests on a dope at the Russian biathlonists will be positive. But - the fact! And in this case you will not argue with IBU. Of course, it is necessary to struggle with those who accept a dope by the most strict methods, but But as a result for three of our biathlonists - Ekaterina Yuryeva, Albina Akhatova and Dmitry Yaroshenko - sports career is spoiled and doors to the biathlon world for the next years are closed. And if Yuryeva still has chances to return, then at Yaroshenko and Akhatova it will hardly turn out.

Well it is not believed that our biathlonists accepted the forbidden preparations! All know about with what such attempts are fraught. Perhaps, some medicine in which there was a forbidden element were taken. But the price of such mistake - disqualification. And any more there is no mood to watch biathlon competitions because the soul hurts about those athletes with whom the destiny played a dirty trick.

And the most unpleasant that as a result of doping scandal the Russian biathlonists who remained in team appeared as if behind a wall . Because now all biathlon world is sure that Russia lives on a dope. And how here not to remember contemptuous words of Magdalena Neuner that her feels sick at thought that it stood with Russians on one pedestal . But if to speak about the Norwegian biathlonists, at many of them in a medical card existence of such illness as asthma is specified that allows them to accept those preparations which for other biathlonists are forbidden. Whether it is strange? It is unclear, how the person with asthma such sport as biathlon where the hardest loadings including on respiratory system are provided can professionally be engaged?

In - the second, an unclear situation with pursuit. To Ullah - Aynar Bjoerndalen violated rules and reduced the section of the route. Nobody on it turned attention. Why? Because it Great and Awful ? And if in this situation there were Russian biathlonists? What would be reaction to similar behavior? At least, disqualification. And to Bjoerndalen it was so necessary for his collection 12 - I am a gold medal that he decided to renounce rules. Of course, it is necessary to admit the fact that Koreans were badly prepared for the World Cup, but why athletes as a result have to suffer? Where justice?

As a result the Russian team lost the best athletes, and remained are forced to be influenced by contempt and sidelong glances of people around. And as a result of all this the spirit of our athletes, and this most unpleasant is undermined. Here with what the World Cup in Pyen - Chiang ended for us. It is necessary to hope that the reputation of Russia will be restored. But as earlier all - will not be any more