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How to treat adenoides?

Adenoides cause many troubles practically to all children today - and, respectively, to their parents. Their painful growth - one of the most widespread children`s problems. Unfortunately, every year more and more seldom in the out-patient card after visit of the otolaryngologist parents can read the record it is healthy .

As for removal of adenoides as way of the solution of a question, how many I remember, goes eternal fight of parents who want to keep (read - to save from excess pain) the child, with doctors who persistently recommend to delete adenoides.

I would like to offer parents who faced a similar problem, to help the child folk remedies. For this purpose you should stock up with patience and persistence as successful treatment has to be complex.

For a start let`s understand what a misfortune such - adenoides.

So, adenoides represent excessively increased fabric of a nasopharyngeal almond which interferes with normal breath. At the same time the child is forced to breathe through the mouth that involves frequent catarrhal diseases and an easy susceptibility to viral infections.

Than longer the child does not receive the necessary timely treatment, especially unpleasant consequences can remain. So, from - for constant the complicated breath the thorax gradually becomes flat and hollow that promotes development of such associated diseases as activity violation zheludochno - an intestinal path, anemia, bed wetting, twitching of facial muscles, attacks of asthma and cough.

If in due time not to be engaged in treatment, the child`s face can take a form, specific to this disease, which and is called the adenoidny person , or an external adenoidizm: the lower jaw droops, the look becomes low-intelligent, saliva follows from corners of a mouth. Impresses, isn`t that so?

Not to subject an innocent being to similar tortures, let`s get acquainted with some ways which can give powerful help in disposal of this disease.

The first that needs to be made, is to correct food of the child . It is necessary to reduce quantity of meat food in its diet and to give preference to red fowl or fish. At a table always there has to be enough fruit, vegetables and greens, and it is the best of all to begin new day with freshly squeezed juice.

Unfortunately, it is necessary to persuade your kid on reception by all so not of darling, but very useful cod-liver oil. And also it is necessary to watch that the child received enough calcium and vitamins D and With - it is possible, it is worth picking up special vitaminno - a mineral complex.

The second is, of course, a day regimen . The full-fledged dream (at least 8 hours a day), physical activities, and also regular walks in the fresh air is necessary for the child.

Also it is necessary to work with the child respiratory gymnastics, having taught him quickly and to vigorously involve air a nose at densely close lips, at the same time in a step to breath inclining the head to one, to other shoulder. About 8 breaths in a row, then a small respite, and all over again become. It is desirable to do such exercises daily in the morning and in the evening on 5 approaches.

Now as for procedures which are an integral part of an integrated approach on disposal of the child of adenoides. The most important procedure is washing of a nasopharynx curative infusions or solutions . The recommended frequency - four times a day.

So, take the syringe and gather in it solution. Ask the child to incline the head over a bathroom and enter a tip at first into one nostril of the kid, then repeat procedure with other nostril.

Carefully squeezing a rubber pear of the syringe, wash out a nasal cavity. At the same time your patient has to breathe through the mouth quietly. The following structures are useful to washing (if there is no allergy):

- Furacilin solution (one tablet on a glass of water);

- sea water (a tablespoon of sea salt and 5 drops of iodine on liter of warm water);

- the added some salt broth of a camomile or a horsetail field (to fill in two tablespoons of a grass with boiled water liter, to insist in a thermos of 20 minutes, then to filter and add a half of a teaspoon of food salt);

- weak solution of tincture of propolis (a substance teaspoon on water liter).

After washing is carried out by one of the above-stated ways, the child needs to dig one of the antiseptic preparations recommended by doctors in a nose or to use the checked vegetable means. For example:

- freshly squeezed juice of red beet - on 1 - 2 drops in each nostril;

- infusion of an okoloplodnik (a green cover) of a walnut - on 5 - 6 drops;

- mummy solution (0,2 g of a mummy in 3 tablespoons of boiled water) - on 4 - 5 drops;

- infusion of a spicy carnation - on 2 drops (10 gvozdichek make a glass of boiled water and let`s be drawn till brown color).

Besides, for two weeks dig in to the child in a nose 2 - 3 drops of oil solution of radio oil of a tea tree . For this purpose mix a teaspoon of oil of a tea tree with two tablespoons of olive. It is desirable to do this procedure for the night.

Besides local treatment, it is necessary to struggle with an illness and from within. It is useful to drink the following curative herbs infusion: horsetail field, sage leaves, flowers of a camomile and calendula. Fill in with a glass of boiled water, let`s be drawn within 30 minutes, filter and let`s drink gradually during the day regardless of food.

Above the general recommendations, but all individually are stated . Therefore try all offered recipes (begin with absolutely small doses) and stop on those which give noticeable relief at the regular use within ten days.

Good luck also protect the relatives!