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Who us forms?

Honor each of us believes that it operates the life. But whether so it actually? Sometimes you begin to reflect that, it seems, everything is good - you are healthy, young, somewhere aspire But deeply in soul all the same there is some anguish, and sometimes tears suddenly well up. And the look every day becomes more and more satiated and tired. What goes not so? You involuntarily begin to remember

you at a table over textbooks, mother helps to solve examples. You already think nothing, the head as in fog, just mechanically take dictation the correct answer that tomorrow at a lesson to receive a good mark.

you in the first school disco. Music plays, you try to dance, repeating after others, tasting the unfamiliar movements. You enter a new state, are fond, forget about everything And suddenly behind laughter. Rough, offensive. You turn around - all are silent. And only then you learn from the girlfriend what your movements, appears, represented behind your back

today, you in the subway. Or it was yesterday? Every day same. My God, how many people What sad persons. I do not want to look. I will close eyes. I will pretend that fell asleep, listening to a player. I hate when look at me

of Reminiscence are followed one another, the resentment, pains, fatigue, misunderstanding awake... Who made your life such? How you appeared here? Who created you?

Everything begins with small. You listen to opinion of parents. Oh, how many times you already heard these words - You think only of yourself! Since the childhood to us repeat that we have to: a) to be oneself and b) to listen to opinion of others and not to be egoists. But how to keep balance and not to lose itself?

You are convinced that Penelope Crous ugly that to you there is a bright lipstick, and nacreous gloss is not yours. Animals in the house cannot be held because from them began to smell. And you are not able to dance (that first school disco is remembered at once).

But whether really it is YOUR thoughts? If to be absolutely honest with themselves, it is possible to find out with surprise that Penelope Crous very much is even pleasant to you (just in memory words of the sister that she is an ugly creature were postponed). You begin to dig more deeply. And whether there is to me really bright lipstick? Mother once said that she goes. And what actually? And actually soft gloss allowed to draw attention to eyes more.

Then you suddenly understand that you want to get a cat. But how to be with a smell? No, animals are not for us, in the house will stink. Whose words? Again mother`s. And you if besides to be honest, the smell does not frighten at all. And at last the last - you for fun begin to dance in front of the mirror, constantly stopping and convincing itself that it is a silly invention. But what occurs? Your movements are beautiful, you feel unexpectedly from where the undertaken inspiration and freedom You really dance!

For some reason it turns out so that in life we often take at all not that place which has to be occupied initially. And moreover - we sacredly believe that this our place. We are forced to confirm every day that it what we want, we fight for what nasamy business does not make for us any sense, we defend beliefs which are for us strangers. And how many energy leaves every day on keeping on this place?

And what will occur if once you are honest with yourself and you recognize that this not so your place? It will be the first step to freedom. And each of us decides itself that it will be for it true on the way to himself...