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Unusual weddings at different people of the world. Whether weddings it?

the Globe inhabit thousands of the people, and all of them have own language, culture and, of course, own traditions of holding weddings.

Perhaps, the easiest way to get married was in Mesopotamia . There the man in the presence of witnesses covered a woman`s face with a veil and said: She became my wife . At some people the girl can marry not the person, and an inanimate object. Such wedding is noted as an ordinary wedding and is more inherent in girls who did not reach puberty. Wedding with the dead person seems to even more improbable, but such marriages still consist in China , and they are called weddings with ghosts or infernal weddings .

Marriage ceremonies in Rwanda demand that newlyweds fed to each other deep hatred. After end of a marriage ceremony the wife goes for the night to the house of the husband. Here the real slaughter begins. The wife beats and scratches the husband and it lasts all night long. All this ritual takes place silently till the dawn, and in the morning the wife comes back home to have a sleep, and in the evening everything begins anew. A fight can several nights in a row, and sometimes even will proceed the whole month! When hatred passes, the wife moves to the house of the husband. Family idyll is not broken by any quarrels any more, the mutual love triumphs.

All know that still in some countries polygamy is allowed. And in some regions of Brazil the woman can have several husbands. And in this case marriage is arranged not the woman, but her husband. And there is it so: when the husband learns that his wife has a lover, he invites the last to hunting, and after hunting that moves to the house of spouses. And the husband assesses this situation not as a personal insult and as the situation demanding its intervention.

In the Pacific Ocean there are thousands of islands, many of which have own wedding traditions which are carefully protected by aboriginals. So, suits of newlyweds usually are made of fruits of the earth on which they grew up. On the island of Samoa the bride puts on a dress from bark and branches of a mulberry tree, fresh flowers, and the head is decorated with a crown from pearls.

In Asia newlyweds dress in silk and red color. In China gold and red color is symbolized by happiness and wealth therefore they are present also at envelopes, candles, packings with gifts. In Japan a traditional bridal outfit is the white kimono from silk, a white brocade cape, jewelry and a special wig which is given a festive look hairpins and silver hairpins. Except white and red, at a dress there can be all colors, except violet as it foretells fast disintegration of marriage.

A traditional wedding dress in Europe is the white dress. Besides there is a belief that the bride has to put on one old thing in the wedding day, one new, one - to borrow, and something blue. Then, on beliefs, marriage will be strong.

In England the bride puts on the horseshoe decorated with lace a hand. To marry in old footwear it is considered a good luck symbol.

In Germany once such custom existed: the bride during a wedding had to have at herself bread and salt, abundance symbols. Therefore dresses were sewed with pockets there.

In it is southern - the European countries of a dress prefer to sew independently and store them as family value. At a wedding dress of the Spaniard surely flowers of an orange tree - at a bridal bouquet and as ornament in hair have to be present. It is connected with the fact that the orange tree is considered a youth symbol.

As we see, wedding traditions and dresses are very different, but the purpose their one - to mark the union of two hearts and to provide them happiness and mutual love.