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How it is correct to learn English? The way of life and traditions of British

came Now such times when it is better that children dreamed to become translators and diplomats, than pilots, astronauts and firefighters. For this reason many parents seek to give to the children the corresponding education in advance. But often children do not share opinion of the parents and do not understand for what it is necessary to learn language.

Of course, they have an idea of future profession which can be received thanks to learning of foreign language and why this knowledge to them at the moment - is not present. And besides at school force to learn boring rules, subjects, to write control... Unfortunately, until the child likes a foreign language, it for it will be absolutely useless, as if it forced to study. Studying of language is very difficult process, but, as we know, each medal has also a reverse side, and is not obligatory at all that this party will be negative.

To impart to the child desire to learn any language, it is necessary to acquaint him with history and traditions of the country which language is learned. Help the little man to become the little Englishman. You think, it is difficult? Absolutely not. Actually, everything is extremely simple: it is necessary constantly, learning language, to acquaint the child with information on the country and on the English traditions.

Tell the child that to some branches of life British treat with special awe and respect. Do together with it everything that is possible as it is done by British. For example, together decorate and improve the dwelling - it is, perhaps, the hobby of British. By the way, accustom the child to housework, be only not overzealous (!) . Work in a garden in front of the house or on the site also takes a place of honor at this hardworking nation. So to us is to what to learn from them, a standard of living at them one of the highest in the world.

At you the pet is at home? Then you already half Englishman. The special love to animals does them by the most responsible and humane people as since the childhood the child is accustomed to responsibility for life (!) live organism also studies love to people through love to pets. All heard about hotels and hairdressing salons for dogs and cats?, it they, British! How they can not love after that people?

Knows about all known English tea drinking, probably, everyone. British most of all love the Chinese tea though they quite often drink Indian. But if tea drinking English, then it does not mean at all that tea too exclusively English. Actually English tea grows in India - the former English colony. For example, " brand tea; Lipton Ahmad Earl Gray with various shades of aromas, in particular with a bergamot - favourite tea of prince Charles. The tradition of tea drinking at British is so developed that each citizen respecting himself if he goes to other country, always takes with himself tea of the favourite brand.

After traditional tea drinking at 5 o`clock it is possible and porazmyatsya if you live in the private house. If in the apartment, then transfer everything playfulness for the weekend. What British play? For certain your child will become interested in game in cricket, golf or tennis is national English games. And if children love fishing or hunting, then in their blood definitely there is something English. Do you have relatives in Foggy Albion? And if you want to make friends with the Englishman, surely learn rules of the game in cricket!

With development of the American English, British simply assume airs bragging of the purest British pronunciation, and very much do not love innovations in their language. Exactly thanks to the purest English it is possible to distinguish the Englishman from other foreigner, and British can even define a class of society to which the person belongs.

And now - the most important what it is worth accustoming the child to! Let`s adhere together to primordially English tradition to get the best education. Wealthy British choose the most expensive way of training: it both private teachers, and private schools, colleges, universities and academies. Exactly thanks to high-quality training British as the nation become cleverer and richer what we also want to wish to the children. So, let`s live as British!