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Something with my memory became? Several exercises for training of memory

How to remember everything? How not to suffer from lapses of memory? I will not go into medical details why over the years we lose memory why we become scattered and forgetful. I will leave it to stars from medicine. Does not interest me why, I want to know HOW. How not to lose memory over the years.

My many pupils of the program of trainings grab on the fly, remember material, begin to put it into practice and as a result try to obtain great success. It is quite difficult for others to understand and remember that information which they obtain together with all. With such it is necessary to be engaged individually, splitting up lessons and including in them memory strengthening exercises.

Memory - piece artful, sometimes at the most inappropriate moment such kolenets will throw out! You cannot remember what was yesterday, just you do not attach it significance. But the event of ten-year prescription suddenly flashes the bright picture with exact details of the events. Also reconsideration begins

If not to attach significance to the fact that every day something leaves irrevocably that in increasing frequency the absent-mindedness and forgetfulness begin to come to everyday life, over time it is possible to become an absolute sclerotic. Memory, as well as muscles, both will, and ability to desires, needs continuous training.

Since the childhood I remember the game - I put all numbers of cars in the sum and then brought this sum to a prime number. Automatically. Said about herself some sequence of arithmetic actions: Forty three plus twenty to increase by three, to take away twelve The Answer in hundred seventy seven occurred by itself. It was children`s game, easy and cheerful. Game in numbers. And only many years later I learned that it was storing exercise which developed the internal speech. Perhaps, it helped to develop also memory on faces, names and events. And maybe, some other exercises.

For development of a visual memory minutes of trips in minibuses or expectations in turn I do not waste in vain time. Attentively I consider some subject, I try to remember all details - color, a form, something minor. I close eyes - and I try to restore mentally the picture in all smallest details. I open eyes - I check, missed nothing? And so I repeat with different objects.

Or the same exercise, but in other form - I try to find all objects only of green color or only triangular shape in the room. The most surprising that I find every day something else else in the room - what was missed by attention yesterday.

This exercise perfectly develops spatial intelligence, helps to look and see, concentrates attention.

There is one more absolutely easy exercise - the synchronous movement by pupils of eyes here and there. There is enough 30 seconds, however, daily. Psychologists claim that from it memory will become better soon. Only how to remember that this exercise should be executed? For a start hang up of a reminder - a pinalka on the monitor screen. Eye it will be hackneyed soon, but by then memory already promises to return!

Useful exercise - before a visit of shop surely make the detailed list of all necessary purchases. Read it several times, count how many and what you need to buy and leave the list at home. You will come from shop - verify with the check, nothing was forgotten? On the third - the fourth time you will remember everything. It will save you from unplanned purchases - advantage two in one .

Every evening, going to bed, I mentally inspect all last day. I remember in details of the person, an event, the word, behavior of all people met by me. I analyze what I learned in a today what I made mistakes and as to me to correct them. And the most important - that I made correctly! I try to recreate all the feelings in that order as all this passed, passing through myself. Where and how responded on this my body? How the intuition reacted?

Doctors warn - often lapses of memory even at young people demonstrate decrease in function of a thyroid gland. Of course, only the doctor after delivery of all analyses on hormones will be able to make the final diagnosis. The same doctor will help to pick up the preparations which are speeding up work of a brain and brain blood circulation.

Everything cannot be remembered, of course, it is clear. It is always far more important to know, where to find that information necessary at present. However here memory just is also necessary. What to begin search with? Where to take sources?

Exercises for memory training - hundreds and thousands. Everyone will be able to choose something special, the main thing that it was interesting and pleasant to be engaged. Training of memory is and development of ability to visualization of the necessary picture. Therefore visualization development - one more way to reliable memory.

Memory considerably worsens if we strongly get tired or we are nervous. Therefore the healthy lifestyle and optimism always go near excellent memory.

Jokes in a subject:

On holiday I fell in love without memory, still I do not remember in whom!

- Whom it is better to be: sclerotic or vegetable?

- Sklerotiky. You forget that you are a vegetable.