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Varicosity: how to be saved?

the Inactive way of life, sedentary or standing work - all this affects ours health, and the lower extremities not least suffer.

Superfluous weight, long stay of the person in the situation standing or sitting and also during long travel in the car, the bus, the train, the plane provoke stagnation of a blue blood, breaking normal outflow of blood owing to what the person gets various diseases: the varicose illness, thromboses, thrombophlebitises, etc. Varicose veins not only spoil with

legs - they are threat to health, and sometimes and human lives! If not to begin to treat an illness in time, then such complications as trophic ulcers and the most dangerous - a thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery which can lead to a sudden lethal outcome can develop.

The most sad that the disease of veins promptly looks younger. At twenty-year-old there are already such problems that surgery is necessary.

In order that blue clusters did not hang down in general or ahead of time, regular prevention is necessary. The earlier you will understand it and will begin to look after the legs, the better.

we Train veins

Carrying out twice a day simple exercises, you will give significant assistance to the legs:

1. Lie down on a back, extend hands along a body, inhale, then raise hands and legs up and small - small shake by them within seconds of ten. Then exhale, return to a starting position and repeat this exercise of 10 times.

2. Lie down on a back, raise legs and make by them 6 - 8 moves in different directions, and also forward - back (scissors).

On the way when you have to stand long, to legs it is necessary especially heavy. Therefore take care of them, do simple and imperceptible for eyes of people around, in view of their bigger obsession on to yourself, exercises: change a pose more often, shift from one foot to the other, displacing the center of gravity from one leg on another, be rolled from a heel on a sock and back, rise on toes and back.

Generally, try to move legs as much as possible. If you stand on a stop waiting for transport, then do not stand, as driven, and you do not look continuously forward waiting when from - for a corner the necessary vehicle appears. Use this time with advantage - stroll there and back. the Best pose from varicosity

you Remember

, earlier often published caricatures where the American accepted the pose causing in our understanding in magazines: sat on a chair, and put legs on a table? To what to us it seemed vulgar and ugly! And actually such pose is very useful to veins as it causes outflow of a blue blood that in itself promotes prevention of a varicose illness.

I, of course, do not urge you to do it at work, but in house conditions it is quite possible and it is even necessary to dare to throw tired legs on a coffee table or on a chair seat. And lying on a sofa, surely enclose the roller which is simple for making, for example, of a plaid under legs.

Provokes a varicosity a pose a leg on a leg . At the same time there is a latching of veins, blood circulation, and stagnation in the lower extremities to you is broken it is provided.

Spending the whole day at a table, try to get up at least each hour and to resemble or do a little exercises which consulted above at expectation of transport. In this case the phrase is very actual: The movement - life . You go, run, swim, you twist bicycle pedals - from it huge advantage not only to legs, but also all vascular system.

There is one more exercise helping to unload legs: sitting on a chair, tear off a foot from a floor and rotate them in different directions. Cold to you in the help

For health of legs force themselves to do to

painfully familiar nightly procedure - a contrast shower. At the same time it is worth remembering one rule - it is necessary to finish always with cold water.

Very useful will be ice massage legs mountain ash pieces of ice . For this purpose it is necessary to use or the frozen juice of these berries, or (in the absence of fresh fruits) to prepare the following: to take 2 tablespoons of dry berries and to fill in them 300 ml of boiled water, let`s be drawn hour 2, then to filter, cool, pour in special trays and to put to be frozen in the refrigerator.

Procedure of massage should be carried out in the evening, somewhere for an hour to a dream. Having taken out frozen medicine let`s it melt a little, and then roundabouts to a leg promassiruyta from below up. It is not necessary to walk after this procedure, let medical liquid will dry.

If the cold for the legs inclined to a disease of veins, is shown, then with an overheat absolutely other relations. Try to avoid sweating rooms and do not overheat a leg in usual life: if in too warmly, you do not suffer and sit in woolen socks, change footwear on easier.

That legs were healthy, the diet

is necessary to

For maintenance of vessels of legs in a tone eat more products, vitamin-rich With, P and E. Pust buckwheat cereal will become the frequent guest on your table, and here coffee and black tea should be replaced with green.

Big support to your legs will be given by such vegetables and fruit as beet, sweet pepper, a red cabbage, green and onions, garlic, tomatoes, black and red currant, a black-fruited and red mountain ash, bilberry, raspberry, lemons.

Meat for the table choose fast, and here fish, on the contrary, more fatly.

And that who suffers from excess weight it is worth keeping at least day a week to an unloading diet, eating fruit or vegetables.

Good luck!