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Feysbilding, feysforming, face lifting How it is correct to pose mugs?

the Originality give to our face, of course, smother fine rushes . But also about seventy facial muscles

Viscous opposite female fears. Instead of the person at a morning look in a mirror - a baked apple. Or cry from the heart is already bryl? I am already similar on big (unless not on dribbling) a dog? No, my light the pocket mirror told today that though it is the not loveliest on light, but it is necessary to be on the alert.

The law of an attraction - one of the most ruthless. But why cheeks so reach for the earth? Really ahead a scalpel, circular tightening, long rehabilitation with unknown result? The plastic surgery - still inaccessible pleasure and not each woman, even in the presence of means, can (and will want) to afford it.

For the first time paid attention at the beginning of the last century to faces of the grown old ballerinas. If the body as a string, direct and tightened, and the person gives everything the lived years, so a problem in lack of training of face muscles. Though, to be fair, it is necessary to recognize that ballerinas are taught and to hold the person . But - as integrity, as the general reflection of the general spirituality.

Since then a great lot of books are written, the numerous movies devoted to exercises for facial muscles are shot. Strangely enough, and this gymnastics slowly develops, becomes complicated, acquires scientific details. Unfortunately, personally nobody saw yet and showed result: here I daily worked 5 years each muscle, look, envy, admire.

the Russian techniques

are widely popular

In Russia books E. Basses - probably, are good, time are republished and continue to be in demand. But I dared to walk on the German, French and American sources. Therefore selection turned out rather big. But and time ahead much. It seems.

Isometric exercises of Runge

Is considered

that it is necessary to begin these exercises when still is what to rescue. To carry out 5 times a week, 3 - 4 months, further - a break.

The muscle has to work at slow speed against natural reduction. So, we relax the person as far as we it are allowed by circumstances. A mirror, napkins, gloves, a pencil for eyebrows. This pencil it is not necessary to add eyebrows vrazlt. They draw lines on a face and a neck thanks to which correctness of exercises will be precisely fixed.

For an example I will describe exercise for lower jaw (brylek ) as a result of which by itself very hilarious mugs writhe.

There is a little cream around eyes (that at a soshchurivaniye there were no new wrinkles). Forward the lower teeth and a jaw are pushed. The lower lip is tightened on top most highly. The left corner of a mouth rises. At the same time consciously and actively the left eye squints. The same is made with the right part of your gentle face. Then all this needs to be done, pressing a forefinger the middle of each jaw in turn.

But also it is not all. In the same situation (a jaw, teeth, soshchur an eye, a finger on a jaw), it is necessary to take away the head back moreover and to turn (if the left side of the lower jaw, then practises to the right. Respectively, if right, then - to the left).

There are also mass of other similar exercises for lifting of the lower cheeks, mouth corners there. Elimination " is offered; lines of laughter restoration of a contour of an upper lip (never knew that the contour is capable to disappear, but is more visible to experts, of course), disposal from vertical angry lines between eyebrows, a raising a century, smoothing of goose pads and so on.

The most remarkable statement from the book: the result is obvious or result immediate. On the official site of the author of www. faceliftingbyexercise. com can be considered it about separate exercises, to watch small video (the truth, all in English). But the book already quite could be translated. By the way, the author looks without age.

Also other author - Benita Cantieni who claims that our person in our hands does not lag behind. In the photo to it here 56 years not to tell that we did not meet well saved face, but the general contour - yes. It is quite young-looking. Cantieni wrote the set of books some at us are translated. It became known metody: kantiyeniky. These are not isometric exercises, but more habitual, with participation of palms, soft giving of impulses to muscles. It is the whole big program too, it does not make sense to describe which here, and it is better to esteem on the websites or to buy the book.

At last, it is possible to recommend the famous book: Face care Linda Bernkhem . The author - the doctor - the naturopath, is specified in the preface that it is well proved practice of the general improvement and specifically front exercises. Anyway, everyone can study also the book, and with the fragments from it discussed at numerous forums.

And also try not to pass the book of Joseph Korvo Zone therapy .

Here such exercise for a century and eyebrows Cynthia Rowland on the website gives .

To weaken this area and to put three fingers accurately under eyebrows. To gently lower hands on the person. To push accurately eyebrows up and sideways. To support such provision some time. To pull slowly down, at resistance of eyebrows (no more than 5 seconds).

To take away hands, to sigh, then to repeat exercise, only to support tension of 10 seconds, to close eyes to the seventh.

A lot of things lie in free access on the Internet. The principles of work with the person are discussed at numerous forums and the websites.

It is good to look at a full course of front gymnastics of Riva Katsav with photos and explanations on its Israeli website (Russian): ucoz. ru.

But annually also the whole movies devoted to so important problem are issued. There is a lot of experts, business - one of the most prospering.

Nevertheless, the general principles are not strongly shared in that part which concerns front gymnastics (aerobics). We begin with relaxation, further a gym (for ballerinas it is more clear - the machine) for the person, then - self-massage. The element of the creativity, but nevertheless by the principle is welcomed: do not do much harm. Somewhere met the complaint of the sufferer which so strongly strained the put-forward lips that with amazement found new wrinkles.

So do not pump over a muscle - that (if it in general is possible). The person - the muscleman, probably, has to cause a bit different reaction, but not enthusiasm.

By the way, regarding self-massage of the person of distinction are present. But it is a separate subject. And all - you remember that your person can be just charming. Simply shining. And very expensive to someone.

I love each your wrinkle. I know each your wrinkle - and even I know what is obliged by the existence to me, the bad person. And from it I love " even more;. If to hear it, then it is possible and to pomankirovat exercises .