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Exist also the problems in the relations, love, jealousy, a problem with children, a problem with health, housing etc. of

Family life, consists of two parties, we can observe one from outside, and we do not see another, it from us it is closed . And so invisible life in a family, for it has bigger value, than visible. And if you do not know all subtleties family life, you can make the wrong opinion on it. But at the same time it is worth to remember that to others monastery with the charter, do not go . It is private life, and it concerns only us and whom it is more. In a family everyone needs to change and to be happy, then also the family will change, but again I will repeat if I tell that it will depend only on your own desire.

What helps, to the person with the choice to the correct road? Of course, his ability correctly to think and consequently creatively to approach any business with which he is busy, to be physically healthy and. etc., to be happy, education in a family.

But without the correct education it will never be, happy, and it means that the correct education, most important in human life. Everything begins with sources: the river from a streamlet, a tree from a sapling, and a sapling from a sunflower seed etc. Human life, begins with its birth, and what he will grow up, depends on parental education, and the main thing, there will be a love in their family.

It is necessary to raise children on the basis of love, mutual understanding, patience, to accept the children what they are not to impose what does not suit them. But again, it is necessary to begin with itself In the family relations, it is not necessary to build illusions and to lead real life. In a family not to avoid difficulties and in them it will be shown all human qualities, each family member. It is impossible is unaffected by the person, and also to mention, his vanity. The judgment is necessary, what another can be even worse, but they copes with the problems.

The understanding of it, will serve you as a consolation and will force you to work, to correctly comprehend the arisen problem and to get rid of it.

And how to me the Master, further to live?

The problems how to solve?

What to me bears the doctrine - light?

Big pleasure or not?

Put In order of thought,

You are a person! And itself understand,

How to live to you!

And knowledge at you not to consider,

Here to apply, the great honor

to people helps The one who realizes them


The Master, I have the following question and whether it is necessary to praise the child? Many say that frequent praises, lead to conceit?

They are not right. For good reason it is worth praising the child. Children do not think it is necessary - it is not necessary they know I want - I do not want . The child, if parents not really forbid him, does that he wants. He wishes to ego-trip in the world of adults, not to feel weak and helpless in it. And here in the Toy Store, to it to have much more difficult.

There estimate for force, dexterity, ability to float, run etc. Obedience, you will not earn a praise at peers, so it is necessary to play sports.

But to children it to be pleasant to do what is hungry them to what at them, tendency at first congenital, and then already imparted by means of parents, tutors, peers.

The healthy child constantly, than be, it is busy, draws, plays, watches TV. He knows that if it is praised, then he does right thing. He needs to try to behave so that an assessment of the people surrounding it, was positive. Well and of course, if you want that to you listened, do what promised. It concerns both to adults and to children.

The child sees not the past, but the present, that is ready, which is already created. He since the birth follows an example of the parents, grandfathers and grandmothers, in all of them imitates, tries to draw their attention with the acts and waits for approval.

The good child to be difficult?

Probably, first of all, it is necessary to give definition that it always good and not always good. In communication with the peers it is not enough to be strong and courageous, it is necessary to be also the good friend. Always you will not be good and if you become such, then it will be called servility, such do not respect. The child made lessons - the good fellow, did not make bad. And before to abuse it, he should explain that study at school is necessary to it, but not parents and that his study is the base, his further life. Uchenye light, but not the doctrine darkness . To explain it it is simple and available, according to its age. Well to know a subject which you study it is necessary to think of it, to apply the knowledge in practice.

Parents need to support belief of the child that he good, it ennobles the person. And it is always necessary to remember expression: At the beginning there was a word It is possible to humiliate with the Word, it is possible and to ennoble.

But to bring up the child, it is necessary to have authority, to be held at it in respect?

Certainly. The respect is based on superiority. The authority of force among children, generally at boys is very great, later there is a respect for mental capacities when he becomes cleverer. On the last place - the authority of morality.

The greatest respect in children is caused by those parents who surpass them in everything, in their vital interests.

Parents have to remember that the child watches them very attentively and have to not show whenever possible the irritation, discontent etc. Of course it is difficult, it is almost impossible, but it is necessary to try.

On the first place, has to be present - the authority of love of children. The authority of fear is connected with humiliation, with physical pain.

The child can be punished only when other methods of education do not help, but punishment surely has to be to fair, some children it is necessary just to know that it exists. Children, especially small, have to be brought up on pleasant feelings, a kind situation in a family. Family quarrels have to disappear from the child, as long as possible.

The authority of parents should not suppress the child, sense of proportion surely has to be in everything.