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About me and for me. Chast3

prevail Shyness beginning in the childhood, as well as all personal qualities of the person. Now, give let`s look what consequences in human life it brings it. In - the first: prevents to make to himself friends, his indecision erects a barrier between it and acquaintance to new people. He more in them is picky. But on the other hand, it is appreciated his ability to listen to the interlocutor, it just hesitates to kill it.

In - the second: shyness prevents it to think, express the opinion, he is afraid that it will not be understood, will begin to laugh at it. It is constantly not self-assured, in the forces. Shyness at it was created by his thoughts, on the basis of not the correct education by parents. Which to it went on: - It is impossible! Not conveniently, And what will be told by neighbors? etc.

Do not undertake, all the same at you nothing will turn out so or approximately so, some parents, to the children say, imparting them uncertainty, indecision etc. of

B - the third: shyness, does not allow other people correctly you to estimate, your merits and demerits. She forces to endure the loneliness, appear: alarm, depression. Some people, hide it under forwardness, aggression. So, it is a mask under which disappears essence of the person.

The lonely person who hesitates of people begins to read, draw much, in this case everything will depend on his tendencies and desires. But to timid people, almost it is never possible to express itself, to show what it actually what is able, knows etc.

Yes, problem. The word an assessment I for it it was hooked and how it is possible to estimate himself? That is self-assessment? .

Opinion of the person on itself, in comparison with other people, here what is a self-assessment. But here, what person, he to himself will choose will be of great importance, for comparison. Many will not suit it as an example with what he has to be, or at least, similar. The opera singer can admire as he sings, but not to try on it for, the success. It is necessary to remember reality and as an example to compare, estimate the opportunities with people who surround you.

But to us the price of success which we try to obtain is also not known because people different and everyone different opportunities, so can have all, and did not become, to compare itself to others if knew what price we will get it?

Beauty, success, financial position and still a lot of things that people want to compare to themselves, depend on a set of conditions: from time, the place in society, conditions etc. It is necessary to live life, but not strangers to estimate the forces and opportunities. I will repeat again that others example, is the stranger. But also you should not reject it if it does not suit you, it is necessary to change it so that to benefit from it.

Parents decide in advance where learns to go to their children from what school and the institute it is necessary to graduate where and how to live, beating off at the children independently to think and live on all ready.

Of course, nobody argues, a lot of things that is done by parents for the children, it is useful, but danger that in plans of children, they put the aspirations. If it did not turn out at them, their children have to make it, therefore, they have to lead others life.

The Master, and the person has a strategy, his lives, how at the commander in battle?

And from where you only took, this expression? Well, all right, time asked a question, it is necessary to answer it. Call it as you want: strategy, vital line, guide etc. The sense of a question is clear to all.

Strategy of human life, in my opinion, will be clear to one and all. In - the first, this happiness, it is happy, all people around, his people are happy, for this purpose it is necessary to learn to operate the thoughts. But only, when he will want it, all have special happiness and to impose, something does not follow it. The following I would put, his knowledge which will help it with life.

Without knowledge it is not possible to live, only they need to be filled up with new information constantly. It is impossible to forget in any way that any work, is creativity which accompanies the person on everything, his course of life.

So, strategy of the person, is happiness, knowledge, creativity!

He can interchange the position of them, unite, choose at discretion that is necessary for it first of all, there are no identical people. Still I want to notice that the person has to studies, to comprehend, choose that it is necessary for him first of all. (Priorities).

Children, often offend. The master it is possible to hear in more detail, about offenses?

You not precisely, asked a question, not only children, but also adults are offended in life. The offense if it was caused to you by the person the acquaintance, causes damage which can never be corrected in your relations. And if in appearance they remain the same, then it for the benefit of business, or other other reason, will force you, will pretend to be. But, it is necessary to remember what never forgets offenses of people. And if to it the case turns up, the answer which can be several times more considerable of that offense which you to it, once caused will immediately follow.

Children, small and weak also cannot answer, immediately, if they are offended by parents, peers etc. Everything will depend, from that at what age they were offended, and than they are more senior, will better remember when they grow up. Children, when they grow up can to remind to parents, but also here everything can depend, from weights the caused offense.

I already told that the person, never forgets about the offense caused him and the child remembers too, it all the life. Here on it, it is also necessary to pay attention, to parents, bringing up the child.

But, there are people who do not take offense, such it is possible to call timeservers. They never show a look that took offense, do not state the displeasure. They have reasons too, for example: it, can interfere with their vital plans etc. of

to Parents and not only to them, it is necessary to know that offense, it is possible to put with the word, behavior, physical action and not to cause them to others it is necessary to be able to talk, to be able to watch for by the own words, to keep the promises, to respect the person, to accept its it what it is.

Yes, before offending, someone, it is necessary to think and what will follow it? The master I know that any work, this creativity. What do you think of it?

We will begin, with the fact that each person has to love what he does. It is very important how it does it. It is necessary to awaken interest in the child, only on it inquisitiveness is formed, there is a desire to learn unknown. To the child, it is necessary to grant the right most to choose that it is interesting to it and that is not present. If necessary, it is possible to correct only unostentatiously, its actions.

To tell it that in all that surrounds us, information is put: last, real, future. Give with you, we will consider, any subject. For example: hours, in it information, how they were created of what material the first hours what way was applied etc. were made. This past of hours. And the present as they look, now. Look at the watch, and you learn.

The future of hours, it as they will look, in a year, ten years etc. But any process of creativity has to be comprehended, it it is necessary to pass, through itself . Before the person begins, something to do at him before eyes arises an image, that subject which he was going to make. Having mentally created an image, he already knows how it will look of what material to do, its form etc. But he has to know that truly established purpose, will help it with creative activity, will bring success in the end result. Life, the person and his dream, are connected with time sense, and time sense, on change of images. But also of course, it is important that the person was able to dream, only then, he will create new. And ability to dream, develops at the person on the basis of his knowledge, abilities, life experience, its abilities, the past, real, future.

Of course, each person, in own way shows the opportunities in creativity because there are no identical people, all of us different in everything.

Ability to operate, the thoughts, leads it to creative opening. He should not pay the attention to words: - And what will be told by people? the person will not make, what he conceived, He should not live foreign thoughts. Also it is unnecessary are afraid, the fact that to you nobody did it not to pay attention: - Throw, all the same at you it will not turn out . Trust in the forces and if it does not turn out for the first time, then in the second it will turn out surely. It is impossible to lose hope in the dream, confidence in the forces, will always bring you success in your life. It is necessary studies to clean from itself all that superfluous that will prevent you in achievement of dream.

The person to get acquainted with the nature, tries to understand laws of its beauty and harmony, he begins to create mentally images much more perfectly than former, the things made by it in the course of creativity will be more beautiful.

The Master, and what your way has to be a family? What is true love? One say that this feeling, others energy .

The family, is similar to very small state with the laws, the relations, stocks, the purposes etc. She knows that it is necessary for it and that is not present. It has a future, development in material welfare, in knowledge acquisition, creativity etc.