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How it is correct to prepare a rat?

A why cannot be tried a rat? Our new Russians and Ukrainians who feverishly develop the capitalist world already tried frog ham and other exotic dishes. Also do not stir them mentality or national culinary addictions. Olives too from the first are to the taste not to all.

Of course, there are people to which the religion or public opinion forbid to eat certain products: Muslims do not eat pigs, Indians - cows, and Americans will not agree to have a snack on a rabbit at all - pusiky Baggi or Mack - Daky.

The refined British eat starlings, thrushes and other small feathery living creatures. Unless, not sparrows.

In old times the Russian noblemen hunted not only bustards, pheasants and wood-grouses, but also woodcocks, curlews and other small marsh sandpipers who by the sizes were slightly more sparrow. In the cookbook of Elena Molokhovets it is in details described how to prepare these melkopernaty.

The mentality does not disturb bums is not only pigeons, but also dogs and cats.

Our religion does not impose restriction in the use in food of different types of animals. In the Western Ukraine there is a village where eat hedgehogs. In Siberia as a delicacy consider the stomachs of squirrels filled by pine nuts.

Why it is impossible to eat a rat?

The speech, of course, not about owners of sewerages and garbage cans.

the Nutria is used at us in food decades, but not still overcame to it disgust. The speech not in mentality, and in a verbal image - rat . The first time my wife when I prepared a nutria, ate it with disgust. Now bargains in the market and quietly calls it rat . Does not eat meanwhile marine animals (for it it is cockroaches), but goes bananas from the Chinese dish Dragon and Phoenix which meat of the krill enters.

A nutria - a rat pure and delicious. In Soviet period when beef cost 2,90, its meat was sold on 5,20 (I remember), and still it was necessary to look, all in the market took away restaurants. The nutria - the same rabbit, is only more tasty, and at the price - approximately as home-made chicken.

In South America the nutria within centuries was got from - for tasty meat. After a face of nutrias meat is recommended to be cooled and for maturing to sustain near a polusutok at the room temperature. There are, however, secrets - when buy a nutria, ask the seller to cut out at once a fatty tumor (it is located on withers, it can be defined visually), it gives a specific smell.

The nutria can be prepared as well as any other meat. Only it is necessary to consider that the preparation time is much less, than at the same pork since the nutria by the nature is inactive and meat at it is much more gentle (and more fatly, than at a rabbit).

Several recipes:

A stewed nutria with sour cream

Meat is cut on pieces weighing 30 - 40 g, added some salt and fried on strong fire to darkly - golden color. Zarumyanenny meat is filled in with water and extinguished on slow fire to softness. Add spice - parsley, pepper, bay leaf, garlic segments, fill in with sour cream.

Chakhokhbili from a nutria Pieces of meat weighing 40 - 50 g fry

on a frying pan before emergence of a ruddy crust. Then meat is shifted in deep ware, filled in with a small amount of broth or boiled water and put on slow fire. Roast tomatoes, onion, flour and put in broth. Add spice and continue to extinguish to readiness (1 - 11/2 hour). Add to ready meat to taste white sauce, white dry wine, parsley greens.

Ragouts from a nutria

Roast the fat and onions cut by small pieces in oil, merge fat and fry in it meat pieces of a nutria. The fried meat is shifted in ware, and add flour to the remained fat and do gravy of dark color, add to it hot broth and dry red wine. In the prepared sauce put the fried meat, and also the fried pieces of fat and onions, add some salt, pepper, add a korenye and cook on weak fire 1 - 1 1/2 of hour.

There are a lot more other recipes. Show the culinary imagination and be released from the conservatism and a zakreposhchennost. A rat - it is tasty. Perhaps over time I will decide to try also a frog.