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What secrets hides Vervolf ? Part 2

Klein Berlin - small Berlin, so lovingly Hitlerites called Vinnytsia. Many of henchmen of the Fuhrer considered this city as the geographical center of Europe.

Vinnytsia - small Berlin

In July, 1942 Hitler rode a motor boat across the Southern Bug, and his deputy and personal secretary Borman visited neighboring villages. Almost daily there went on a meeting with the Fuhrer from the rates Goering and Himmler. Goering liked to walk the Vinnytsia small streets, to visit theater, to meet troupe to which allocated financial support for an interior decor of theater and gave grocery rations. What allowed aggressors to feel so freely in the Ukrainian city?

Right after occupation, Hitlerites carried out indicative stock which facilitated them life so as far as it is possible, having partially broken the internal resistance of locals - Germans dug out graves of mass burials of the victims of Stalin repressions and led exhumation of corpses. All this became is indicative - with photographers, lighting in mass media and, the main thing, in the face of all vinnichan.

People who learned in the spoiled corpses taken from the earth (the majority unfortunate before execution were exposed to beatings, tortures and violence) of the relatives, friends and neighbors, voluntarily came to the German penal facilities and handed over to these newly appeared to humanists Soviet activists. Especially, of course, employees of militia and People`s Commissariat for Internal Affairs who were left in the occupied territory for underground work.

Proceeding from these facts confirmed with archival materials it is clear that subversive activities of guerrillas on Vinnichin were weak - in the woods two small groups, and itself " worked; Vervolf was inaccessible to guerrillas. In parallel with construction of a rate, Hitlerites began the cleaning carried out the Jewish round-ups.

Since September, 1941, in Vinnytsia about 10 thousand people were grabbed and shot! The April round-up of 1942 turned into massacre in which about 15 thousand vinnichan died! Executions were carried out in the regional centers and the villages of Vinnichina by

Before the rate was completed, all German command headed by the frenzied Fuhrer settled down in the building of the oldest Vinnytsia psychoneurological hospital in Ukraine which is almost in the downtown on the most picturesque coast of the Southern Bug in the territory of ancient park. Before to drive in this residence fascists killed more than two thousand mentally sick people who were not managed to be evacuated with

Around Vinnytsia several concentration camps which actively were engaged " were created; cleaning population. Some villages fascists just moved, and shot those who did not want to leave on the place.

Underground workers

worked with

For the Soviet investigation members of the anti-fascist organization Red chapel which names were secret. This is the colonel of engineering service voyenno - air forces of Germany Becker, the lieutenant colonel of the General Staff Schultz - Boyzen, the senior adviser of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs von Schelia, the leading expert of Gestapo Lehman, the commander of assault groups of the thirtieth years captain Stenes and others. The majority of these people were declassified and killed with the German counterintelligence, others for merits in front of the Soviet Union are awarded the order to the Soviet Second World War.

Worked for the Soviet investigation and other ranks of the third Reich. In the memoirs the chief of political investigation of a Reich Schellenberg noted that actually in each ministry of a Reich among high-ranking office people there were agents of the Russian secret service .

Information came to Stalin more than from 300 sources! That Hitler plans to construct a rate under Vinnitsey Stalin knew in 1940, as well as about the well-known Hitlerite plan Barbarossa but for some reason did not react. And in August, 1941 - go Hitler understood that he lost the blitzkrieg (lightning war) and war drags on. Need for a field rate which would be closer to places of military operations and at safe distance (in Ukraine) ripened especially sharply.

Near Vinnytsia the abver - the German army intelligence led by Gelen lodged in the village of Voronovitsa in a house museum of the aircraft designer A. Mozhaysky. He created an extensive secret-service network, including from vinnichan. For example, Hitlerites enlisted one of secretaries of the Vinnytsia district committee of party Tkachenko who handed over them many Vinnytsia underground workers subsequently. Surrounding territories were are smoothed out to gloss, powerful protection and thousands of sentries protected a Hitlerite den therefore it is not surprising that the shelter Winners and the legendary intelligence agent Nikolay Kuznetsov, thrown to Ukraine for supervision for Vervolf took place in the distance and any time could not approach this zone.

According to researchers, the first data on construction of a rate got to Moscow in June, 1942 from the Kiev underground workers who were directed by Ivan Kudrya ( Maxims ) . The underground center created in Vinnytsia under the leadership of Levchenko (a real name - Panchenko) also got data on construction of a rate for Hitler and transferred these data to Moscow in August, 1942. A detailed information was received from captured by legendary Nikolay Kuznetsov under Exactly German officers in December, 1942.

But Moscow was silent... The guerrilla general Naumov in the book Steppe raid (Kiev, 1990) wrote that all messages on a rate came to Moscow after Hitler left it therefore to subject object to bombardment there was no sense.

Besides, actions of certain Vinnytsia underground workers were very separate, and information transfer to Moscow for underground workers - activists - problematic. But it does not belittle heroic efforts as official underground workers, and amateur the activists fighting against fascist invaders. According to the German documents about 1860 acts of resistance are recorded, and names of heroes remained in the German reports.

It is the chief of the Vinnytsia railroad Ivan Byaler, the head of the German civil engineering firm Lani - Krez Pole Roman Zelensky, the head of the Vinnytsia underground Ivan Bevz, and also his companions - Ratushnaya, Quickly, Levinets, the hostess of the secret apartment Franya Iosifovna Dudkovskaya and Vyacheslav Dudkovsky, and others to the vinnichena, getting information, valuable to the course of war and the Soviet management...

Be continued.